The Truth About Five Guys' Nacho-Style Fries

Who doesn't love a good secret, especially when it's covered in cheese? Nacho-style fries exist and you can find them at Five Guys — if you know to ask for them. That's right; they're just one of the items found on Five Guys' elusive secret menu, which is home to tasty concoctions dreamt up by the fast-casual chain's hungry customers. With over 250,000 ways you can customize your order at Five Guys, the general public was bound to create some combinations worth repeating. 

Good thing the creative indulgence extends to french fries, too. Five Guys' fries are already worth a pause. They're carefully sourced, cut in-house every morning, and double-fried to achieve that crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside texture we all crave. These expertly-crafted fries occupy two spots on the secret menu: well-done fries, and nacho-style. Delish explains Five Guys' well-done fries are extra-crispy — an ideal way to avoid the inevitable soggy bits at the bottom of the bag.

You can customize your French fry order at Five Guys

Nacho-style is, of course, the upgrade we're all here for. In this case, your fries are mounded into a metal tray and covered in hot, melty cheese. Come on, now. This has to be the best of both worlds — the fries are spread out in a warm tray, therefore less susceptible to becoming mushy, and they're loaded with gooey cheese. We have to assume this cheese is the same one as what's used on their cheeseburgers: good old Kraft American cheese. Can we all agree American cheese is the meltiest cheese? If it doesn't belong on top of French fries, we don't know what does. Add jalapeños and maybe even some bacon (isn't life good?), and then, dig in!

So, the next time you're placing your order at Five Guys, don't be shy about spilling this cheesy secret and ordering your fries nacho-style.