Why Everyone Is Talking About Snapple's New Flavor

Mystery flavors have always been a popular choice to release as limited-time products for brands to create a little buzz, and according to Food Business News, 2020 has really seen the marketing move trending. From Oreo cookies to Pringles to Mountain Dew sodas, product developers are introducing mystery flavors, along with competitions to guess what they are, in an attempt to increase engagement with their fans and generate a little media attention.

The latest company to get in on the mystery flavor trend is tea and juice brand Snapple. Best Products reports that this summer, the company is releasing a unique mystery flavor for consumers to puzzle over. The drink officially launches in July and will be available through the end of August for purchase. Once fans think they have cracked the case and know what the flavor actually is, Snapple is inviting them to help name the flavor through a special website.

Fans are already submitting names for the new mystery flavor

People have already started to submit their name suggestions on the Snapple Name the Flav website. As of right now, the top contenders are Lemon Ol' Razzle Dazzle, Berry Snazzy, and Pear-of-Grapes. We're guessing they're basing the names off the color of the drink, which in photos appears to be a dark pink or reddish hue, since the product won't officially launch for a few more weeks.

To vote in the competition, you must be 13 or older, and voting will end at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time on August 31st, 2020. The winner will then be publicly announced and may see their name entry appear on bottles of Snapple across the United States. The brand does however retain the right to not use the winning name, though, so no promises. Snapple will also be giving out random prizes throughout the promotion to users who have submitted name suggestions, no matter how many votes they receive.

The promotional rules for the Snapple Name the Flav competition state that anyone living in the United States can enter the contest through their official website, regardless of if they have purchased and tasted the mystery drink or not. Each person can submit one name per day, so long as it does not violate any laws or trademarks and is deemed inoffensive. Suggestions can also be submitted by text message.