The Secret Ingredient Your Potato Salad Has Been Missing

A tasty potato salad recipe is a valuable thing. Some families treasure the perfect prep for this favorite summer side dish, and almost everyone has a variation. Typically made with a base of mayonnaise or sour cream, cooked potatoes are combined with ingredients like egg, celery, green onions, pickle relish, and mustard. There is a secret ingredient that less expected, however, providing a more subtle texture experience. Considered a traditional deli-style potato salad, or country style potato salad, this recipe has garnered rave reviews. 

Says one happy YouTube viewer, "I've been making this style potato salad for 60 years. This is the single most authentic American potato salad recipe I've come across... Lately I realized I had forgotten parts of mom's recipe for potato salad which dated back to before WWII. I made this tonight and this is it!" Adds another home cook, "I have made this recipe several times and me and my whole family love it!"

So just what is this time-tested secret ingredient?

This flaky secret ingredient is probably in your pantry right now

Instant mashed potato flakes help manage your potato salad consistency. As the cook at DIY Ways describes, the potato flakes bind the sauce together as a finishing touch. As described by another cook who tried the recipe, "Made this today, I have got to say it's the best. I do know a thing or two about potato salad as my Mother came from Germany. The secret ingredient was a excellent add to [sic]."  

This recipe lends itself well to customization, with home cooks substituting ingredients like chopped bell peppers for celery, and others adding twists like Spanish olives. Start with a base that includes cooked (and cooled) Russet potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. Add chopped yellow onion and celery. Make the dressing by combining mayonnaise, white vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard, and sweet pickle relish, then finish with a dash of dehydrated potato flakes. 

So don't wait — get started on this summer favorite made from simple ingredients. After all, now you know the secret to potato salad success!