Here's Why You Should Add Coconut Milk To Your Latte

According to the 2020 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, 20 percent of Americans drink their coffee black. That means 80 percent of coffee drinkers are lightening up their coffee, using some type of creamer, be it half and half, milk, or a trendy nondairy alternative. In fact, 4 percent of coffee drinkers reported jumping on the bandwagon of using a non-dairy alternative on a daily basis (via Daily Coffee News). One of these nondairy alternatives is coconut milk, and if you haven't tried it, you might want to the next time you order up your next latte. 

Coconut milk is comprised of coconut meat — the white flesh that lines the coconut shell — and water, creating a thick, creamy liquid you can drink and cook with (via Coconut Cloud). This naturally-sweet, emulsified liquid is the perfect alternative for your favorite latte. Seattle Coffee Gear conducted an experiment with food brand Pacific's "Barista Series" to discover what is truly the best nondairy milk alternative. They concluded that, overall, coconut milk was the the clear winner, producing a rich froth. But what makes coconut milk stand out above other nondairy contenders?

Coconut milk can create beautiful froth for your latte

Can a latte made with nondairy milk taste as good as one made with cow's milk? According to Cooks Illustrated, the challenge to get nondairy milk alternatives to froth is real. The proteins in alternative milks are apparently weaker than those in cow's milk, and struggle to support the air bubbles that are needed to create all that foamy goodness. This is why many latte drinkers who prefer nondairy milk have become fans of the coconut milk option. Baristas create a thicker, foamy froth with coconut milk than what can generally be achieved with other options — like almond and soy milks. The reason coconut milk outperforms these other milk alternatives is due to its high fat content, allowing a similar consistency to traditional cow's milk (via Live Kindly). 

However, this isn't the only reason you may want to consider ordering or making your latte with coconut milk. Coconut milk is believed to help boost your immune system due to the lauric acid it contains, and because of its high-fat and low-carb content, it's perfect for people who are following a Keto diet (via Medical News Today).