Here's How TikTok Chefs Are Making Queso On The Grill

It's hard not to love queso. It's the perfect appetizer and topping to tacos, salads, and burritos all in one. Plus, queso is so incredibly customizable when you make it at home, even if it does require a little more effort. Whether you have a go-to recipe or you are trying to recreate the new recipe Chipotle switched to in recent months, queso just got a lot easier to make thanks to chefs on TikTok. 

With this technique, you'll still need to brown any meat you add to your queso, such as ground beef or chorizo. Then, instead of adding it to a pot of melted cheese on the stove, add it to an aluminum foil pan with all of your other ingredients. Thanks to this new TikTok trend, just set the pan on the grill and leave it for an easy, mostly hands-off approach to queso (via Delish). Not to mention, when you make queso on the grill there's the added bonus of the smoky flavor that's infused into your tasty dip.

How to make queso on the grill

To make queso on the grill like so many TikTok chefs have demonstrated, all you really need are your queso ingredients, an aluminum foil pan, and a grill. Determine how much queso you want — no one is judging if you decide you need a vat of delectable melted cheese to yourself — and get an aluminum foil pan that's the right size to hold all of your ingredients. This usually calls for a lot of cheese, so just be prepared.

Once you have your pan, add all of your ingredients at once. That could include browned chorizo, browned ground beef, onions, peppers, diced tomatoes with chili peppers, jalapenos, or whatever else you can imagine putting into your queso — even some taco seasoning. Next, add in all of your cheese. TikTok users have used Velveeta, pepper jack, Monterey jack, and cream cheese — but really, nothing is off the table.

Place the whole thing on the grill and let it cook covered for 15 minutes. If the mixture is looking a little dry, you might want to add a splash of milk, according to Delish. Once the time is up, give everything a stir in the pan and let it continue to cook until the cheese has completely melted (via Fox News).

Once it comes off the grill, just give it another stir, rip open a bag of chips, and enjoy your creation. It's just about as easy as it can get, and according to those who have tried it, it tastes amazing.