Burger King Just Pulled A Favorite Dessert From Its Menu

Burger King is quickly phasing out one of its desserts, and customers have definitely noticed. The chain's once-beloved slices of Dutch Apple Pie will no longer be available in U.S. locations, according to Delish. The suspicions arose in July when various customers noticed the syrupy slices were not available at their local locations. Some took to Twitter, and unsurprisingly, they were not happy.

"When I tell you I'm hurt. I can't take much more 2020," one user wrote.

By July 24, Burger King confirmed to multiple outlets that the rumors were indeed true. According to a company representative, "Burger King restaurants will no longer be offering the apple pie as part of our dessert menu since our supplier is no longer producing the product." It's not the worst news, but it definitely doesn't make this year any more fun.

If you're still noticing apple pie on the menu of your local Burger King, we'd advise you to snag some while you still can — once those slices are gone, the supply won't be refilled, according to Fox Business.

A fast food dessert that worked

While the product will be discontinued, the Dutch Apple Pie definitely had a fan base. Many people don't expect to find a fruity, hearty apple pie in a fast food restaurant. Burger King proved many people wrong. The fast food chain sells actual pie slices, rather than tiny, handheld pies. And for some customers, it was nice to bite into something that resembled pie, rather than an empanada or hot pocket.

After writer Andrew LaSane sampled 16 different desserts at the fast food chain, he noted that Burger King's apple pie took the cake — er, pie. The slice he'd ordered was warm and flavorful, and LaSane even compared it to homemade pie (via Insider).

So why did the company stop producing the popular pie? While there's no solid answer (yet), it could be economic. Burger King has seen a dip in sales, a likely result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to Fox Business. Still, the restaurant chain will continue offering its other desserts, and apparently, mini-milkshakes are making a debut on the Burger King menu (via Elite Daily).