The Truth About Burger King's $1 Mini Shakes

Burger King has faced its share of food flops, missteps, and scandals over the years, but one thing is certain: The burger chain is always willing to try something new — and isn't afraid to court controversy.

That penchant for stirring the pot has even crossed over to a menu item as innocent as its milkshakes. In late 2019, the company was slammed for a later-banned tweet that seemed to encourage "anti-social behavior," as disgruntled U.K. citizens were making a habit of dousing political leaders in milkshakes as a form of protest (via Sky News).

Luckily, the latest milkshake-related development from Burger King should cause far less uproar (and a lot less mess if tossed at an unsuspecting politician). This summer, the burger chain is banking on the old adage "good things come in small packages" with the release of a limited-time trio of mini milkshakes.

Available at participating locations starting on July 6, the milkshakes are scaled down to a snack-like, sippable 9-ounce size, in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors (via Chew Boom). Even better, they're super budget-friendly, at just $1 each.

Early responses to Burger King's Mini Shakes

Responses on Burger King's Facebook page that announced the new shakes were mixed: One user said, "This is too small," while others countered, "Perfect serving size," and "I love this idea." Some suggested it might be ideal for French fry dipping, or as a kid-size treat.

YouTube reviewer The Endorsement sampled the chocolate variety, complaining only of the regular-size straw that poked too far out of the mini-size cup. A Peep This Out! reviewer described the strawberry flavor as soft-serve vanilla with strawberry syrup and topped with whipped cream, calling it "thick" and "very sweet," but deemed it a solid summertime buy at just $1, ultimately earning the mini an 8 out of 10 overall score.

For those who want a small-size sweet-tooth satisfier, the new shakes could prove to be the perfect solution. After all, Burger King's regular-size shakes are practically a meal in and of themselves, clocking in at anywhere from 583 calories for the vanilla flavor, to 761 for chocolate (via Burger King). By comparison, the 9-ounce minis are only 370 calories, leaving a lot more room for the meal's main events — i.e., the ones that actually require chewing (via USA Today).