You've Been Cutting Mangos Wrong Your Whole Life

Mangos are a wonderfully delicious tropical fruit. They have such a smooth texture and just enough sweetness and tartness to really balance out the flavor. Whether you love mangos on their own, mixed with other fruits, or frozen in smoothies, there's no wrong way to enjoy a mango. Unfortunately, there are definitely wrong ways to cut mangos. 

If you've ever tried to cut a mango or bitten into one, then chances are you know there is a big, flat seed in the middle that makes enjoying the fruit a little more difficult. The seed takes up so much of the interior of the fruit, you really have to work around it to avoid losing any of the fruit's flesh. Luckily, there is a proper way to cut mangos so you won't waste a thing in the process. However, you will need a ripe mango. So make sure the fruit gives way a bit when you squeeze it gently (via The Spruce Eats).

How to cut a mango the easy way

To cut a mango in the easiest way possible, stand the fruit up on its end so the stem – or the indention where the stem was – is at the top. Next, use a knife to cut both wide sides off. Your knife should run along the flat sides of the seed seamlessly, but don't cut it so close that you scrape the seed. Once both sides are removed, score the fruit without cutting all the way through the skin. Use your finger to turn the skin so the flesh pops out and you can use a spoon or knife to remove the cubes of mango from the skin (via Delish).

Once the sides of the mango have been removed, turn back to the seed and thinner sides of the mango. Use a knife to cut away any more of the flesh from the seed that you can. Remember to cut the narrower sides off as well, though it likely won't be a single knife cut. 

It's all about working around the seed rather than against it, so go with the flow. Remember that kitchen knives can be quite dangerous, so do not try to cut through the seed.