The Surprising Way Chipotle Plans To Use Its Avocado Pits

Those of us who know and love Chipotle can be pretty passionate about its six-ingredient guacamole, but it's no surprise that the pits that come with the avocadoes aren't part of that recipe. This means the chain is left with 300 million avocado pits that it needs to deal with somehow at the end of every year. 

Instead of sending the pits to the (trash) pit, Chipotle is choosing to upcycle the unwanted seeds by turning them into a natural dye to be used to brighten up pieces from the company's new line of sustainable clothing, aka Chipotle Goods. A company statement says the dye is produced by simmering the avo pits in water, and five avocado pits are needed for every item of clothing. Chipotle's avo-dyed line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags. 

This is not the first time a fast food has partnered with a fashion label

Chipotle didn't go to a new supplier to make its limited-edition clothing — it stayed within the family and chose to partner with Loomstate, the same company that supplies Chipotle with its uniforms. Chipotle Goods says all profits from its sales will be donated to charities that are working to make both clothing and food more sustainable. Not everything in the fashion line is dyed with avocado pit, whose hue sits somewhere between beige and tan. In fact, some of its items (like jean jackets) are brightened up with fabric decorated with splashes of little chiles or avocados.

The Mexican-themed fast food company isn't the first restaurant to partner with an apparel manufacturer to come up with its own line of branded goods. Just last week, KFC partnered with Crocs to come up with fried-chicken scented crocs, which was meant to benefit KFC'S REACH Educational Grant Program. Now you might turn your nose up at shoes both decorated and scented with eau de poulet frit, but they must have an audience somewhere because Crocs says the limited edition shoes are now sold out. 

Will Chipotle's clothing line be as popular as its guac? Only time will tell.