Martha Stewart's Unusual Egg Cooking Hack Changes Everything

How you cook your scrambled eggs can cause some serious food discussions. There are many culinary variations on this seemingly basic dish from some of our favorite celebrity chefs, as well as some from those of us who live on the fringe with cursory cooking skills. Some cooks even argue that you should add peanut butter to this dish. Crazy, right? But per editor William Sitwell of the Daily Mail, everyone who makes scrambled eggs will tell you that theirs are the best. Where does that chutzpah originate? Especially when you consider our first experience with scrambled eggs might have been when a parent, grandmother, or other adult whipped them up for breakfast one morning, all using a similar recipe. 

Turns out, excelling at scrambled eggs is not as simple as you might think, especially when you factor in people's unique preferences. Still, when Martha Stewart shares her professional cooking tips, especially when it comes to making this beloved dish, it would be silly not to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. In 2018, Stewart shared a different way to make this childhood favorite that at first left many scratching their heads. However, as the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and if you need an inventive hack to create some seriously light as air, fluffy scrambled eggs, Stewart may have shared the one that will be an egg-scrambling game changer.

Use your cappuccino machine

So, what's the hack that had internet keys clicking to share their love or disdain? Stewart teamed up with Food Network to share a video via Facebook of her steaming her scrambled eggs using a cappuccino machine. As she cracks the eggs into a clear coffee mug and adds a few cubes of butter, along with salt and pepper, your first reaction might be to cover your eyes or look away. But if you bravely forge forward, you will be surprised that as she uses the steaming wand on the machine to cook these up. The end result looks pretty good as Stewart piles the steamed scrambled eggs onto a piece of toast. 

Still, you don't have to scroll too far into the comments section to discover that not everyone shared in Stewart's enthusiasm. Several even offered their own method of cooking scrambled eggs. And maybe this goes back to Sitwell's observation that everybody believes their version of scrambled eggs is the best. But Stewart is not alone in using this unusual trick to make scrambled eggs. Turns out, Jody Williams used this technique and may have introduced Stewart to when she appeared on Martha's show and steamed scrambled eggs with an espresso machine. While it does seem like an out-of-the-ordinary way to cook your scrambled eggs, we were impressed by the minuscule amount of dirty dishes it produced. Our verdict: Don't crack it until you try it.