The Unexpected Ingredients Martha Stewart Adds To Her Guacamole

Guacamole has become the non-negotiable extra to most Tex-Mex dishes or with your salsa these days, and it's easy to understand why. The creamy topping or side is the perfect addition to crunchy chips or spicy dishes. Not to mention, the healthy fats that avocados bring to the bowl make it relatively healthy while packing fewer calories than other dips (via Time). But it's best to leave out the sour cream or mayo. 

Everyone seems to have a favorite recipe, even if it is the recipe for homemade Chipotle guacamole released early this year. But your favorite version might have competition from yet another chef sharing her own take on guacamole now: Martha Stewart. 

Maybe you've kept an eye on Stewart's Instagram just to see how she is living her best poolside life this summer. Maybe you just know she is a wealth of culinary and lifestyle knowledge and happened to turn to her for a different guacamole recipe. Either way, her latest angle on the recipe looks delicious, and it is all because she adds two ingredients that pack more flavor and texture to the already wonderful dish (via Martha Stewart).

How to make Martha Stewart's guacamole

Martha Stewart's guacamole is topped with toasted pepitas and cotija cheese, so making her version of the dip is just a matter of an extra moment to sprinkle these on top. That means you can follow your own favorite recipe and doctor it up with her additions, or you can follow her entire recipe, too.

Stewart makes guacamole by lightly mashing avocados and then pouring lime juice in. Next, she folds onion, jalapeno, cilantro, a bit of salt and pepper into the avocado mixture just until it is combined. Finally, top with the toasted pepitas and the cotija cheese. She also notes that you can use feta instead if that's what you have on hand or can more easily buy. The toasted pepitas will provide the perfect contrasting crunch to the guacamole while the cheese packs a bit of a funky punch to kick the flavor up.

While this is a dish best served immediately, you can cover it with plastic wrap and store in the fridge for one day. However, the plastic wrap should tightly cover the guacamole, and it should also be pressed directly against the surface of the dip, too.