Dunkaroos Beer Has Everyone Talking

Following years of requests, General Mills finally relented in February of 2020 and re-released the classic '90s lunch box snack Dunkaroos in the United States, according to the General Mills blog. Likely inspired by the return of the nostalgia-inducing treat, the Fort Worth, Texas-based brewery Martin House Brewing Company released a limited-time beer this week, hilariously named DunkAbroos.

Best Products states that the beer is brewed with cookies, vanilla creme, lactose, and sprinkles, creating a product that tastes exactly like one of the classic Dunkaroo flavors, which came with vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkle filled vanilla frosting. DunkAbroos comes in at 8 percent ABV, making this drink a decidedly adult trip down memory lane.

In a post on social media platform Instagram, Martin House Brewing Company described the DunkAbroos beer as an ale that is essentially nostalgia in a can. They say the concoction is a "sweet, cookie filled brew that even has that frosting finish (like when you save all the cream for the last cookie — yall know what we're talking about)!" Each four-pack of DunkAbroos will run you $20.

DunkAbroos sold out in only two days

Unfortunately for '90s kids everywhere, DunkAbroos appears to have already sold out! Delish reports that even though the brew was sold as a taproom exclusive product and limited to one four-pack per customer, Martin House Brewing Company ran out of the beer within two days of its release. In a second post about the beer to their Instagram account, the Texas brewery assured fans they would be "making much more next time" and asking anyone interested in their beers to follow them on social media for updates on products, stating that they come out with a new brew each week.

Delish states that in addition to the Dunkaroos-inspired drink, Martin House Brewing Company has also released beers based on foods like Flamin' Hot Cheetos, super sour candy Warheads, and salsa verde. We're loving the inventive flavors and awesome label designs on these cans, so hopefully any DrunkAbroos re-releases in the future will be available nationwide so all the kids-at-heart outside of Texas can get in on the nostalgic fun.