Are Dunkaroos Finally Making A Comeback In 2020?

One of the best parts of being an adult is the ability to buy your own snacks — in fact, buying your own snacks might be one of the only things that makes adulting even remotely worth it. Often though, childhood snacks that were once loved by an entire generation get discontinued, leaving many adults missing the flavors of their youth. With social media giving consumers a voice, though, companies are now catching on — and good old Betty Crocker has announced that they will be bringing back the classic '90s snack staple, Dunkaroos. The summer relaunch was announced via the Dunkaroos' Twitter account and a General Mills' blog post, so don your moon boots and grab a snapback — the '90s are here for 2020.  

Fans have wanted a Dunkaroos return for years

For those who possibly never got to taste the fine lunchbox cuisine that is Dunkaroos, let your taste buds be teased by the idea of a vanilla wafer dunked into birthday cake-style vanilla icing with sprinkles. Packed with sugar, '90s aesthetic, and a kangaroo named Sydney as the spokesperson, it makes sense that even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian have been demanding the return of Dunkaroos. According to Business Insider, the snack was originally released in 1992, and Dunkaroos quickly made a home in people's hearts. Today, they're taking advantage of the trendy '90s vibe that is permeating through clothes, homes, and now, food (via PopSugar). 

Today reports that 7-Eleven will sell the cookies nationwide, prior to a bigger rollout among other stores. No specific release date has been given at this time, but it is confirmed that only the vanilla flavor will be available. Sorry, chocolate lovers.

Is nostalgia enough for a successful Dunkaroos relaunch?

While it's easy to get swept up in all of the excitement of youth rebirth, don't forget that Dunkaroos were only around until 2012 before production was stopped. There were quite a few reasons Dunkaroos disappeared, but ultimately the reason for ceasing the production was purely because the demand wasn't there. It seems that, even if kids adore the snacks, moms weren't huge fans of giving cookies and icing as a school snack. Which begs the question, will this resurgence of the snack be feasible — or will the hype die out? Only time will tell.