You Should Never Eat The Wheat Bread At Subway. Here's Why

Ever since Jared lost all that weight back in the late 1990s by eating at Subway sandwiches (via LA Times), the sandwich chain has been held in esteem for offering choices that are healthier than some of their competitors. The apparent healthiness of Subway's food helped put it on the map. Business Insider noted that Subway's sales soared from $3 billion in 1998 to $11.5 billion in 2011. And according to a CNN Business story, in 2019, the popular fast-food chain's reported number of stores was 17 percent higher than the Golden Arches.'

One of the reasons the foot-long sub shop is so well-liked is that Subway has plenty of options that allow customers to create the sandwich they want to eat. From an array of meats and cheeses to a laundry list of vegetables, condiments, and spreads, there's enough variety to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. However, if you normally opt for wheat bread when you order at Subway, you may want to reconsider. Some would say you should never eat the wheat bread at Subway, and here's why.

The wheat bread is enriched

Redditor claiming to be a former Subway employee: "I don't know if this has been mentioned, but don't buy any variety of wheat bread at Subway. It's actually worse for you than getting the Italian. It's dyed with plenty of added s*** to make it look and taste different." We cannot confirm these claims or even verify that the Redditor ever worked for Subway. However, ShapeFit seems to echo that person's assertion, alleging that Subway's whole wheat bread is enriched. What does "enriched" mean?

Enriched wheat flour comes from wheat whose bran and germ have been stripped away, leaving the endosperm (via Evoke Healthy Foods). The bran and germ contain all the good nutrients – like fiber – but the endosperm has a longer shelf life. Bread made from enriched wheat flour might give the illusion of being healthy, but without the fiber, you are not going to feel as full. Additionally, as ShapeFit points out, your body processes enriched flour differently. In fact, it does so rather quickly and this may cause your blood sugar to rise fast. Your body can't process all that excess sugar and winds up storing it as fat. So maybe you should skip the bread altogether and order a salad. Your body and your waistline might thank you.