The Ingredient You Won't Regret Adding To Your Del Taco Burrito

Del Taco has a bold following and for good reason. You don't garner a fan base that includes the likes of Chrissy Teigen, who is a fan of the chain's chicken soft tacos (extra del scorcho) for offering up a menu of meek options. Plus, per a company press release, they are the first national Mexican fast food chain to offer a plant-based meat option. Claiming the number two spot in quick-service Mexican food in the U.S., Del Taco is a fearless competitor that serves up some of our favorite Mexican meals that are easy on the budget. From street tacos and tostadas, to burritos and a double del cheeseburger and fries, Del Taco has plenty of choices to satisfy its loyal customers. 

Among their popular menu items is their selection of burritos. Boasting a selection of more than a dozen different burritos, Del Taco has created some epic combinations that will make your mouth water. While, many people just order straight off the menu, it might surprise newer fans of the taco chain to learn you can customize your burrito with one ingredient that will leave you wondering why you never tried it before. 

Order your Del Taco burrito with crinkle fries

Crinkle fries are the secret weapon of the Del Taco burrito experience and can transform the filling inside your tortilla into something truly sublime and worthwhile for your taste buds. Perhaps this concept started with their once off-the-menu item known as the stoner burrito. Thrillist describes this as a 1/2-pound, bean and cheese burrito that contains red sauce, plus a secret sauce and fries. Sounds like a monster burrito to us. But it's not just the stoner burrito that gets this special love. 

According to Food Beast, if you tell the cashier to "go bold" with your burrito, they will add both the crinkle-cut fries and a "secret" sauce to any burrito or menu item of your choosing. Per the Mail Tribune, there is an additional charge for this add-on but the internet says it's worth it. Food Beast called the addition of the fries and sauce a "glorious hot mess" while one member of the Twitterverse said, "This thing is a piece of heaven wrapped in a tortilla." So, the next time you are at Del Taco ordering up a burrito, don't forget to add the crinkle fries. We're pretty sure you won't be sorry.