Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread Is Back And Shoppers Are Excited

Joining the delicious tradition of Trader Joe's desserts in a jar, it's time to welcome back the unbeatable Cinnamon Bun Spread. The only way to make the coveted cinnamon bun even more decadent is to bottle it up and drizzle that flavor over homemade waffles and whip cream. Oh, wait – that's exactly what TJ's did with this liquid embodiment of the inside of your favorite breakfast sticky bun. Available for a limited time only, this jarred spread is definitely not vegan, featuring heavy cream and brown butter (via Trader Joe's). 

In addition to dairy, this 10-ounce jar also contains tapioca milk, brown sugar, cornstarch, salt, cinnamon, two types of vanilla, and "natural flavors." Company spokespeople suggest you heat this spread up (achieving that warm home-baked aroma without leaving your microwave) and then drizzle it over, well, everything. Think ice cream, pancakes, or even cinnamon-dusted cheese. It looks to us like this would spread like peanut butter on toast too, although we can't yet vouch for the combo.

A versatile spread with cinnamon goodness

TJ's describes the taste as "rich, buttery cinnamon with honey notes and subtle saltiness" as well as being "smooth and creamy" (via Instagram). And how does it taste? "This stuff is a ridiculously sinful lip smacking ..... I need counseling kind treat [sic]" says one happy taster (via Instagram). Drizzled over Honeycrisp apples it can add that caramel contrast in flavors with a spicier homestyle kick. While Trader Joe's describes it as smooth and creamy, most tasters seem to refer to it as gooey, so grab a napkin and be warned. 

As for additional uses for this sticky dessert, one TJ's tester suggests, "...I tried a little experiment this morning and put it in Crescent Rolls. I may have been a little too generous with how much I used, but my roommates and I loved them despite the messy appearance," (via Instagram). Clearly a hit recipe, it received such replies as "heavenly," "omg genius!" and "great idea." No matter how you choose to use this Cinnamon Bun Spread – as a drizzle, sauce, spread, or secret filling – just know that you can find it at Trader Joe's for a limited time during the fall season for $3.49 per jar.