This Weird New Mac And Cheese Commemorates A Nicholas Cage Cult Film Favorite

Do you remember the movie Mandy? If you blinked and missed it, you're not alone. A quick synopsis, courtesy of iMDb, reveals that this movie tells the inspirational tale of a man played by Nicolas Cage (the only actor you've ever heard of in the entire film) whose girlfriend is kidnapped by a psychotic, Manson-esque cult leader and his gang of demon biker henchmen. Cage goes on an axe-and-crossbow rampage of revenge, as is customary in such a situation, and dead demons pile up, as they have a tendency to do. The interesting thing is, this movie came out in 2018, not 1972, thus proving that theatrical-release B movies are still a thing in the age of on-demand streaming.

One high point of Mandy that places it in the company of classics such as Lady and the Tramp, A Clockwork Orange, and The Godfather is a scene involving pasta. Unlike the aforementioned movies, though, the noodle dish that plays a starring role isn't spaghetti, but rather macaroni and cheese. Specifically, an obviously made-up brand called Cheddar Goblin Mac & Cheese. Well, it's made up no longer, since one company decided to bring this particular movie food to life.

How you can get your hands on this edible Mandy merch

Legion M, which bills itself as "the worlds first FAN-OWNED entertainment company," aren't in the food business. Instead, they are the people who produced the movie Mandy in partnership with RLJ Entertainment, SpectreVision, uMedia, and XYZ Films. As they said at the time of its release, they expected their creation would soon be "on it's way to becoming a true cult classic!"  

Whether or not that's actually the case, they're doing their best to act as if cult status were already a given, creating an entire line of Mandy merch that includes their own version of Cheddar Goblin Mac & Cheese that we hope was created in partnership with an actual food manufacturer. (As to the taste, we're guessing Kraft blue box with a dash of pure evil.) If you want to get your hands on the stuff, it's only available through their website and is priced at $4.44 per box (or in multiples up to a 24-pack at $44.44). Perfect for your annual Halloween Mandy reenactment! Now all you need are a few demons, a couple of cultists, some weaponry, and that signature Nicholas Cage constantly-constipated expression, and you'll be all set.