The One Thing You're Doing Wrong When Taking A Pizza Home

It's one of the worst things that can happen when you pick up a pizza to take home. The pizza chain Dominos even created a marketing campaign around this pizza peril that can happen to anyone if certain precautions aren't taken. We are talking sliding cheese that ends up on one side of the box, misplaced toppings, and sauce everywhere. It's literally a hot mess, even if your husband tries to sell it as an artistic take on what an abstract pizza would look like if Picasso threw it together.

To be fair, Dominos was targeting pot holes as the nemesis of deconstructed pizza, but there's an even bigger culprit that can mess-up your dinner. It's the design flaw of your car seat — well, kind of. The angle of most car seats was not created with the concern over how your pizza box would be positioned as you carefully transport its goodness to your family. Just take a look at Reddit, and you will find a thread or two talking about the disdain pizza lovers experience when opening a pizza box, only to have their taste buds squashed by the unsightly cheesy disarray that results. Luckily, the internet has the answer. 

Use a soda bottle to change the angle of your pizza box

You don't have to go through dinner disappointment alone ever again if you consider using some of these genius tricks to ensure perfect pizza delivery from your car to your kitchen table. The Kitchn offers this brilliant hack for keeping your pizza box level on a car seat that slants: Use a soda bottle to prop up and help even out the placement of box. Just nudge the bottle into the gap between the box and your seat, and problem solved. Perfectly balanced pizza and no sliding cheese, pepperoni, olives, or whatever you like on upon your crust. 

Apparently, this is a well-known fix for this pizza predicament. A former pizza deliver guy offered the same advice on Reddit, while another individual commented with the suggestion of keeping a 2x4 in your car for just such uses. So, the next time you are called upon to be the pizza delivery guy for your family, you know what to do.