Here's What People Are Saying About Mountain Dew's 2020 VooDew

There's a special treat this Halloween for all the soda connoisseurs out there: Mountain Dew has released its second VooDew soda (via Best Products). If you're not familiar with the original VooDew, it was a soda released during the Halloween season last year with a mystery, Halloween-themed flavor that turned out to be candy corn — though consumer guesses ranged from orange or red Skittles to pink Starbursts (via Reddit).

The 2020 version, VooDew2, was confirmed in late August, and people were already scrambling to get their guesses in, even before tasting it (via Instagram). After all, the sheer number of different Halloween-themed treats is enormous. Most of them are very sweet, which can make subtle differences in flavor harder to distinguish, as evidenced by the large range of guesses for this year's flavor, from marshmallows to rainbow sherbet (via Deseret News). 

Hints as to what this year's VooDew flavor might be

If you take a look at last year's VooDew can, you'll notice the faceless ghoul featured on it wears an orange hood (with white lining) and yellow lettering inside spells out VooDew. Orange, white, and yellow are the colors of traditional candy corn. Could this year's can hold similar clues in the color choices? The 2020 can has mainly green and red details, with small splashes of yellow and blue, which is enough for some to guess that the flavor is candy apple. But there's more.

Mountain Dew's official Twitter released a teaser for the new seasonal launch, which included the colors on the can as well as the words "andi crufty" hidden on a tree branch in the background. The Mountain Dew Fandom Wiki called this out as being an anagram of the words "candy fruit," which backs up the theory that this year's VooDew is candy apple flavored. The brand promised more hints are to come, but if you can't wait, you can pick up the drink at most big box retailers, including Target and Walmart.