If You're Not Using An Apple Corer On Your Cupcakes, You're Doing It Wrong

Despite the cupcake fatigue that has ensued in recent years, the delectable treats are still a beloved staple for school bake sales, birthdays, and end of the year soccer parties. Surprisingly, cupcakes are considered a relatively modern invention, with the first written recipe appearing in 1796. But oh how that recipe has taken off! Today, we consume about 770,000,000 cupcakes each year in the United States alone. Some trace our infatuation with this little cake to the Sex and the City series when Carrie Bradshaw put Magnolia Bakery on the map for an entire viewing population (via South Florida Reporter). 

Regardless of who started the sugary trend, cupcakes are "a thing" and we are constantly looking for ways to create the next version of this dessert to wow and impress. For inspiration, you could watch an episode of Food Network's Cupcake Wars to see culinary creativity at work, but sometimes all you need to do is look at all the little gadgets in your kitchen drawer to allow your baking muse to inspire ingenuity. Other times, inspiration may need the help of the internet, plus a little bit of googling.

Use an apple corer to core your cupcake for filling

Biting into a cupcake to find a creamy or fruity filling can really elevate your traditional, run of the mill treat. To fill your cupcake with a yummy surprise, you simply need to remove a bit of the cake from the center. Some people, like Domestic Fits, will use a knife to cut out the cake while others purchase cupcake corers, but The Kitchn has shared a way to take your cupcakes to this next level using the ease of one fruity gadget likely buried under all your spatulas and spoons. This hack will save you the expense of an extra baking tool as well as the cumbersome time spent using a knife to do the job.

Instead of a knife or single-use kitchen tool, The Kitchn suggests using an apple corer to hollow out your cupcake. After you bake and cool your little cakes, simply take your apple corer and make a hole in the center of the cake. You want to create a closed tunnel (meaning you don't want to push the corer all the way to the bottom of the cake) or you will get filling all over your hands and clothes as you eat it. To fill your cupcake, squeeze a pastry bag full of frosting, preserves, whipped cream, or any other sweet mixture you like into the newly made hole, and then frost the cupcake as usual — it's that easy. Happy cupcake coring!