Gordon Ramsay Just Made A Surprising Announcement About His Career

This fall, Gordon Ramsay (the culinary genius behind popular television reality shows Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares) will be changing out of his chef's whites and into something a little more formal. With a multi-million dollar net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, it's not as if the celebrity chef is exactly being pushed kicking and screaming to shift careers. Perhaps Ramsay is simply tired of food-related stardom? After all, he has been killing it on the culinary scene since 1993, so maybe it's time for a change.

Ramsay announced his new career direction on Instagram in early September, captioning his post "Coming soon to BBC... my new high-pressure gameshow Bank Balance from Studio Ramsay! Big question is... do you have what it takes UK???". Not all fans were immediately excited by Ramsay's game show announcement. "Will there be any food?" one wrote back, "you are selling out" wrote another. Ramsay himself hasn't replied, so we're not entirely sure if there is a cooking element to this show. With that said, we're going to go with probably not. 

What Gordon Ramsay's new game show will look like

In the sneak peak video Gordon Ramsay posted to Instagram, he describes the new television program as "a high-stakes, high-pressure game show where contestants need both knowledge and nerves to succeed". Maybe think of Ramsay like a British Alex Trebek, only (if his past shows are any indication) meaner.

"This is going to be truly epic," Ramsay said of his studio's collaboration with the BBC, "it is such an intense game with so much jeopardy to win big and lose even bigger, where the difference between failure and success is always in the balance." The BBC, in turn, is betting on Ramsay being a "formidable and unforgettable host". His fans are counting on it, too. "I just want you to scream at everyone" wrote one of Ramsay's Instagram followers and "No swearing, no watching" promised another. We're not sure how Ramsay will turn his favorite food-based insults into prime time game show material (Will he go around calling contestants "panini heads?" or wrong answers "dehydrated camel's turd"?), but we'd be lying if we told you we aren't eager to find out.