This Is Aldi's Most Underrated Dessert

Aldi, the favorite budget grocery store of so many fiscally minded shoppers, is known for having some surprisingly delicious sweet treats. Products like Moser Roth Chocolate bars, brownie batter dessert hummus, mini peanut butter cups, and Benton's Wholesome & Crunchy Cookie Thins have made Buzzfeed's list of underrated Aldi products. That's not to mention all the great ice cream options Aldi offers that also made the list, ranging from pints of their Sundae Shoppe brand ice cream to My/Mo mochi ice cream bites. But when it comes to choosing the best Aldi dessert, chances are you might want something more than a small sweet snack or piece of candy.

While there are plenty of prepared desserts like cakes and pastries you could pick up from the bakery aisle, those can be a little run-of-the-mill if you're searching for Aldi's signature quirky take. We recommend that anyone looking for a really fun, unexpected Aldi dessert should turn to one Aldi product that's a mashup of several beloved sweets. It might require slightly more effort to make this dessert than just opening a box, but in our opinion Aldi's most underrated dessert, their Baker's Corner S'mores Jumbo Cookie Kit, is definitely worth it. Apart from the kit, the only other ingredients you'll need to make this massive s'more cookie hybrid are one egg and a stick of butter, according to Hip2Save. Ultimately, what you'll end up with is one epic nine-inch cookie (via Delish).

What you'll get with this surprising cookie dessert

There's a reason this cookie has something of a cult-like following, and it's partly because it is essentially a "deep dish s'more pizza" as My Recipes describes it. This oversized s'mores cookie can feed up to 16 people and is made with a graham cracker cookie crust, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and marshmallows. All of the kit's ingredients go into the nine-inch foil pan that it comes with to bake and get all gooey and melty in the oven.

The dessert itself is like an open-faced s'more, which leaves you the option to top the whole thing with a lot of creativity. You can add extra marshmallows and another layer of crushed graham crackers if you'd like to get closer to the real thing; toss on pieces of your favorite chocolate candy like Reese's, Thin Mints, or even chopped up Snickers bites; or maybe add a dollop or two of a sweet fruit jam to make this dessert really sing. No matter how you prepare Aldi's totally underrated Baker's Corner S'mores Jumbo Cookie Kit we have a feeling you'll love it, so next time you're at your local Aldi be sure to pick up this dessert and give it a try!