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Aldi Desserts That Should Be In Your Kitchen Right Now

Discount grocery chain Aldi is well known for its low prices, no-frills shopping experience, and high-quality private label items. While Ali limited-time, seasonal products usually get talked about the most, we're here to tell you that you are seriously missing out if you're not stocking up on the brand's desserts. Way cheaper than buying from a bakery or your standard grocery store, these sweet treats are just as delicious and well made as you would expect from desserts with price tags twice as high. 

Some of Aldi's desserts can even be frozen and defrosted without a noticeable decline in flavor or texture, allowing you to stock up when your favorites are on sale to enjoy and share with friends later. We rounded up the best, most surprising desserts from the Aldi website and checked with some of the brand's superfans to bring you five Aldi desserts that you absolutely need to try ASAP.

Baker's Corner Funnel Cake Mix

One of the best parts of going to carnivals and state fairs in the spring and summer months are the snacks! While funnel cake might seem a little tricky to make at home, this Aldi kit makes them a snap. According to Aldi Reviewer, the dessert comes with a handy plastic pitcher that you pour the batter from, simplifying the process to create evenly cooked nests of dough. Aldi gives instructions for making the funnel cakes in a skillet as well as using a more traditional deep fryer for anyone who is a little apprehensive about being around large amounts of hot oil. 

While Aldi Reviewer states that they did not end up with enough batter to make the promised eight to 10 funnel cakes, the Aldi they purchased their mix from was selling the Baker's Corner Funnel Cake Mix for only $2.50, which the author estimated to be about half of what it would cost at a carnival. In Amazon reviews, one happy customer even mentioned hanging onto the plastic pitcher and reusing it with your own homemade funnel cake batter, making this product a really great deal.

Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies

Available in Dark or Milk chocolate, Aldi's Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Pair one or two with coffee for a mid-day treat or put out the whole box for dessert. In a post to a Reddit message board dedicated to all things Aldi, user Charlottalot compares the cookies to popular German treat Leibniz-Keks. They state that the butter cookies are similar to shortbread, but slightly more crunchy and firm, and the chocolate used to coat these treats is high quality and applied in a fairly thick layer.

Specially Selected Brioche Bread

Say "Bonjour!" to dessert any time of the day with Aldi's Specially Selected Brioche. These fluffy loaves are imported from France and available in three flavors: plain, chocolate chip, and vanilla creme. Sweet enough to eat on their own, these bread varieties can also be used in a ton of ways to really take your brunch to the next level. We suggest swapping in slices of Aldi's Specially Selected Brioche Bread instead of your standard loaf to make french toast, or doing like actress and clothing designer Hayley Duff does (who shares the details of her life and kitchen projects at The Real Girl's Kitchen) and treat yourself and loved ones to a luxurious bread pudding. Duff even found a special Chocolate Chip Christmas Tree Brioche shaped like an evergreen tree one year, so definitely keep an eye out for that this coming holiday season.

Specially Selected Mini Cream Puffs

Making cream puffs at home can be a pretty serious project to take on for a novice baker, but with Aldi, it's like having a professional pastry chef right in your refrigerator. What's Good at Aldi says that they were initially hesitant to buy Aldi's Specially Selected Mini Cream Puffs because they felt the puffs were a bit expensive but eventually bought a box when the sweet treat went on sale. The outlet states that they were thrilled with the perfectly maintained textures of both the pastry and cream filling and how the cream puffs tasted, declaring these one-bite desserts totally worth the cost.

Specially Selected Cheesecake Sampler

Why get one cheesecake when you can get four? The Aldi Specially Selected Cheesecake Sampler platter comes with four classic flavors: Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, New York Classic, and Chocolate Caramel Turtle. According to Reddit users, this dessert is made an even better deal by the fact that these cheesecakes freeze and defrost incredibly well, so you can easily pop the whole platter in the freezer and defrost slices individually as you're ready to eat them without compromising on quality. Aldi also sometimes offers seasonal cheesecake samplers, (The Kitchn reported on a Patriotic Cheesecake Sampler in June 2020, which came with Raspberry, New York Classic, and Blueberry flavors) so be sure to look for those if you are planning a party, or simply a cheesecake aficionado on a quest to try them all.