The Unusual Coffee Flavors You Can Get At Aldi

Let's be honest, hot coffee is a must-have no matter what time of year it is for a lot of people. But when the weather turns cool and pumpkin spice lattes start appearing everywhere you look, then it's time to amp up the fall flavors in your coffee. Though you might jump to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to add sugar-filled fall-flavored syrups, there's another way. You can buy flavored coffee that will make your fall mornings brighter, and Aldi has two unusual takes on it, too. 

Some might sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg into their coffee and call it good, but the latest coffee flavors at Aldi have caused a stir. That's why Instagram user Aldi Guru had to snap a photo of the coffee bags and share it so everyone could see. Both Bourbon Barissimo coffee and Maple Bacon Barissimo coffee have made a comeback, and people have mixed thoughts. Though the caption read, "I have honestly only ever heard great things. But idk if I can get myself to try this coffee from @aldiusa." Aldi Guru went on to add, "the bourbon coffee makes me think of too long of nights from my 20s." But commenters were quick to give their opinions, too.

To try or not to try

In seemingly equal numbers, commenters on the post both claimed the coffee was good and that it was bad enough to toss. One commenter on the Instagram post explained that the coffee smells great but tastes awful. It's hard to know if you might like it or not, but it's worth trying. And chances are you can take it back if you don't like it since Aldi has a generous return policy (via Aldi).

Barissimo coffee at Aldi comes in a wide range of flavors too. There's the standard fair trade coffee that comes in medium and dark roasts, but there are also other cozy flavors. The brand also comes in breakfast blend, donut store, French vanilla, and hazelnut flavors. So, if you've ever picked up a bag of the coffee at Aldi and enjoyed it, regardless of the flavor, then it might be a fair assumption that you'll enjoy the bourbon or maple bacon flavors too. Like many flavored coffees, you might find that it tastes like the original coffee but smells like the flavor.

So, stop by your local Aldi and pick up a bag to try and decide for yourself.