The Best Aldi Coffee You Can Buy

Aldi, the German-owned budget grocery chain, is known not only for its low prices but for offering an intriguing variety of specialty items — kind of a discount Trader Joe's, which isn't that shocking once you realize that the two chains actually share a common origin. While Aldi can be a fun place to pick up luxury items like imported chocolate and specialty cheeses, it's also a great place to stock up on staples such as coffee.

Aldi offers a fairly extensive selection of different types of coffee, so if you're a real java junkie you may just want to try them all. If you're only in the market for one bag of coffee, and you want the best of the best, here are our top picks.

The best ground and whole-bean Aldi coffee

Best ground coffee: Specially Selected Fair Trade German Premium Roasted Ground Coffee — Regular

According to The Kitchn, this coffee is the single best Aldi item you can purchase for $5 or under. Yes, even better than their chocolate! Of the first pot of this coffee, they note, " blew our minds. To our untrained palates, this coffee was better than anything we'd made at home before. It was smooth, rich, and not too acidic."

Best whole bean coffee: Barissimo Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean Coffee — Peru

If you're a grind-your-own kind of coffee DIY-er, these beans are a must buy. Not only can you feel good about the whole fair trade thing, but its taste compares with coffees that cost far more than $5 per pound. Aldi Reviewer noted, " has a mild, medium (but not boring) flavor with slightly sweet, caramel undertones," and a Redditor who is a self-proclaimed coffee snob reported, "I am not kidding when I say that I was floored with how good this coffee tastes. A wash of Mexican cinnamon and dark chocolate instantly filled my palate with back notes of honey and citrus fruit." PureWow, on the other hand, said, "...this brew was light, lemony and balanced." So, this coffee is either caramel-y, chocolate-y, or fruity-tasting, but the general consensus is that it's pretty darn good.

So yes, caffeine fiends, next time you're running low on joe, Aldi is definitely the place to go.