The 30-Second Hack For Better Guacamole

If guacamole were a movie star, it would talk seductively, its tomato accents transformed into a hint of red lipstick, like in a Scarlett Johansson romance-drama flick. If guacamole gave an acceptance speech for winning an Oscar, it would probably "guac" our world, like Amy Schumer's 2015 Glamour Awards speech did (via YouTube). 

Guacamole, in any of its hundreds of variations, has a good shot of achieving these heights. But (just like overly mashed or under-seasoned guacamole can turn a heavenly experience into something disappointingly mundane) there are things you can do to elevate your everyday guac to near celestial levels. Relax. We're not talking jalapeños. If your tongue can't take the heat, that's fine. Salt, onion, and a hint of lime are all that you really need to create the perfect tang. No, we're talking about something you should start drizzling over your guacamole when it's ready to be eaten. Think of this like Lady Gaga's face masks. Without them, she's still, unquestionably Lady Gaga. With them, she's a New York Times article. 

How to take your guacamole from good to out-of-this-world in under a minute

It was Cindy Pawlcyn, author of the Fog City Diner Cookbook, who brought this guacamole hack to Food 52's attention. This is what you'll need: about 30 seconds, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. 

Here's what you'll need to do. Mix the ingredients together. Then, pour your dressing over your guacamole, letting it "pool" around your dip. Finally, dig in. You won't be disappointed. Want to add a little something extra? Pawlcyn told Food 52 that she often mixes a bit of fresh lime and lemon juice into the rice vinegar and olive oil dressing. Food 52 writer, Ella Quittner, has tried the hack. "Every bite begins with a hint of delightful, lightly seasoned tang, balanced by the roundness of olive oil, right before you get to the creamy avocado," she raves.

That's not even the best news. Adding the dressing to your guac won't only enhance its texture and flavor profiles, it will also contribute to keeping your guacamole vibrantly green, longer. As it turns out, coating your guacamole in olive oil creates an oxygen barrier around your favorite dipping sauce, preventing it from turning immediately brown when it comes in contact with the air (via Delish).