This Is The Worst Cut Of Steak To Grill

In many parts of the United States, grilling is seen as a second religion. Barbecue (or 'cue) holds a sacred place in the hearts of many. If you're in the Carolinas or Tennessee, the hog is king (via The Daily Meal). In Texas, beef rules everything around other cuts of meat. Anything from pork shoulders to brisket is fair game for many grillers and pitmasters. But there is one cut of meat that, unlike many others, might be a bit more finicky for novice grillers because of how delicate and tender it is.

Enter, the famed filet mignon. This cut of meat is known as one of the most tender and decadent cuts of beef and is a huge fan favorite for many a steak eater. Grilling the perfect filet mignon could prove a daunting task if proper precautions aren't implemented and taken by the New Balance sneaker-wearing chef at the helm causing them to ruin this heavenly cut of meat.

Why doesn't filet mignon work well on the grill?

Chef Erik Pettersen, owner of Evo Italian, revealed to Insider that because filet mignon is so tender and lean (as it has very little connective tissue inside the meat), heat can be a big issue. In other words, if you're not absolutely careful with it, the cut will not cook properly. Pettersen claims that because heat fluctuation and control can be somewhat difficult, cooking the perfect filet won't be a guaranteed thing every time. According to Steak University, something that at-home cooks and grillers also need to keep in mind is the thickness of the cut of meat. Thicker cuts of meat will take longer to cook than their thinner brothers and sisters – adding to the complexity of cooking filet mignon. 

If you cook it for too long at the wrong temperature, you risk losing all the components that you love about filet mignon. This cut of meat is known for being tender and succulent and if cooked improperly it can turn out a little tough. All-in-all, this shouldn't deter you from venturing off to grill some juicy filet mignon if you're determined. So next time you're gonna grill and you want to give filet mignon a try, take a page out of the book of the king of preparation himself, Batman, and prep, prep, prep.