Restaurants Where You Have To Sign A Waiver To Eat

"Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?" In 1923, The New York Times reported that this very question was posed to the famous English mountaineer George Mallory. This man had scaled Mount Everest twice before and was planning a third trip to get to its summit. Mallory had a simple retort to this query. He replied with the words, "Because it's there."

It feels like the human story is filled with people doing dangerous things, just because they are there. It is certainly one explanation for why mere mortals try eating the spiciest foods on the planet or Herculean-sized meals. And if us common folk are going to seek out these adventures, it only makes sense that restaurants would serve them. Some eateries have even crafted meals that are so perilous you need a waiver before you can taste them. 

But what are the names of these daunting feeds? Where in the world can someone find such a hazardous meal? Well, if you're wanting to gape at a whack of downright extreme or bizarre items, then you've clicked to the right place. Because we're about to inspect some waiver deserving bites.

Joella's Hot Chicken is ridiculously hot

Some people like there fried chicken with a little tang of heat. Others enjoy this dish if its spicy enough to wake them up, but not so hot that it literally makes them weep. And then there are the folks that want to dine on a bird, that is so fiery, that they have to sign a waiver to eat it. Joella's Hot Chicken caters to all of these types of diners. 

This eatery's hottest spice level is boldly called, "fire-in da-hole." It can be added to any piece of chicken that you order, and is made using Carolina reaper peppers. Apparently, ghost peppers are just "too boring." Just so you know, the Carolina Reaper holds the Guinness World Record for being the hottest pepper in the world. And Joella's Hot Chicken doesn't shy away from the fact that this Reaper has heat or that their blend packs a punch. On its website, the fire-in da-hole is described as being "waiver-worthy."

Unsurprisingly, this place wasn't joking when they said that this spice level requires a waiver. Narcity said that you legitimately need to sign one before you try out their hottest feeds. So, if you want to attack your tongue in the South, Indiana, or Ohio, then maybe you should head down to Joella's.

Deli Sushi & Desserts offers gigantic sushi rolls

Do you have what it takes to smash a massive amount of food in under 15 minutes? If the answer to this question is yes, then Buzzfeed has filmed at a joint that you'd potentially adore. It's called Deli Sushi & Desserts, and they make five-to-six pound sushi rolls.

The Owner My Nguyen told Buzzfeed how this giant dish came to be. "We want to be different from other sushi restaurant joints. I told my brother, 'Hey, can you make a big roll for me?' And he made a like, you know, a burrito-sized roll," Nguyen said. "And I was like, 'Anyone could do that, you know, can you make it bigger?' So, wham, he made a really big one. And I was like, 'That is perfect.'"

Deli Sushi & Desserts also challenges its patrons to demolish this meal in a short amount of time. This gauntlet is called the Monster Sushi Challenge Roll, and Nguyen outlines how it works. "If you finish it in 15 minutes, the whole roll is free. If they don't, they have to pay full price ... And they get on the wall of shame or fame." Before you undertake this full-on trial, you have to sign a waiver.

This restaurant seems incredibly proud of its newborn-sized meal. There website's main page states near the top, "Home of the Monster Sushi Rolls." Below this is a slideshow of their media appearances, some of which feature the aforementioned challenge.

Burger Off's XXX Hot Chilli Burger has sent people to the hospital

Some burgers aren't for the meek. Some burgers will ferociously go after your taste buds. Some burgers are so spiced up that they can cause you legitimate pain. And the restaurant Burger Off, they've created one of these burgers.

The XXX Hot Chilli Burger is the name of this beast. For the most part, it looks like an average, run-of-the-mill bun. Daily Mail published some pictures of Nick Gambardella, the owner of Burger Off, assembling one of these feeds. It has lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, and a patty — classic burger stuff. However, Gambardella also spreads a dark purple chili sauce onto the meal. According to The Argus, this sauce is made out of 5,000 kilos of Peri-peri chilis that are concentrated down into a kilogram of pure hotness.

This burger is so spicy that you have to sign a waiver before eating it. The Daily Mail took a picture of the disclaimer, which says, "I the undersigned accept all responsibility for any effects incurred due to the consumption of the above mentioned XXX Hot Chilli Burger." The fact that Burger Off created this waiver ended up being a smart move. This is because the XXX Hot Chilli Burger has undoubtedly hurt people. Consumption of the burger has resulted in multiple people being sent to the hospital. That's right, it's dangerously spicy.

Benny's Challenge is a trial by pizza

A large pizza is generally around 14-inches in diameter. If you were to order such a pie on an average night, nobody's going to break out the stopwatch while you eat it. And if someone does try to time you, that's an unusual move. These facts will hopefully put Benny's pizza challenge into perspective. The Breeze said that their competition pies are 28-inches in diameter and weigh eight pounds. To complete this trial, Benny's website expressed that one must eat the entire pizza in record time. This means that professional eaters and amateur eaters alike have to finish their meal in under 28 minutes.

But what do you receive if you're able to conquer Benny's Challenge? Well, if you're an amateur eater you win a $280 check, whilst professionals win a $100 check. Both groups of diners also receive a Benny's Challenge shirt, and a picture of them is hung on the restaurant's wall. If you're keen to try and earn these prizes, you'll have to sign a waiver stating whether you're a professional eater or not. You'll also need nerves of steel and an iron stomach. Because 28-inches of pizza is a lot of pizza. And 28 minutes is a short amount of time.

AllStar's Armageddon Wings are apocalyptic

AllStar Wings and Ribs serve over 200 different types of chicken wing flavors. Yup, they dose this food in everything from chocolate sauce to pineapple mustard. They additionally serve a trademarked flavor that's called the Armageddon. And it tastes ridiculously hot. There's even a warning for this dish in AllStar's menu which reads, "WARNING!!! This is not A Drill or a joke! Heat rating is in the millions of Scoville units. To order these you must sign a waiver!!!"

Despite the fact that this meal is spicy beyond belief, their Markham location in Canada said that some folks have powered through this challenge. They even reported that some (potentially super-human) customers have eaten through all of their Armageddons in an impressive few minutes. So, if you happen to be going to this chain, know that it is possible to defeat this scorching meal. However, if you'd rather just try some of their parmesan wings, that is also more than acceptable.

Big Roddy's Hungry Horn Challenge isn't messing about

Out of all of the food contests outlined here, Australia's Big Roddy's Rippin' Rib Shack may have created the most expensive one. To enter their Hungry Horn Challenge, you have to cough up $100. This competition's feed is additionally huge, and it could easily rival a pizza from Benny's. The grub on offer consists of a full rack of pork ribs, beef ribs, a double serving of coleslaw, more than two pounds of buffalo wings, and a helping of poutine or chili fries. To conquer this behemoth, its challenger has to eat it all in less than an hour.

That being said, if you sign Big Roddy's waiver and demolish all of their plates, the rewards you'll receive are worthy of a chef's kiss. You'll win a $100 restaurant voucher, a place on the wall of fame, and a Hungry Horn Hero T-Shirt. Every time you wear this shirt to this establishment, you'll receive ten percent off whatever you order. Not a bad bargain if you ask us.

Sunni Sky's has created two incredibly spicy ice cream flavors

What is so hot that it can burn your tongue, yet also incredibly cold? The aforementioned question sounds like a Junior high brain-teaser. It sounds like a riddle that someone would announce in the middle of a fun party, which would somehow smother everyone's cheeky banter. But luckily, the answer to this question is more pragmatic than a portion of other word puzzles. An ice creamery called Sunni Sky's has made two incredibly spiced-up desserts.

According to NBC News, these two types of scorching ice creams are called Cold Sweat and Exit Wound. Cold Sweat is created out of a number of hot peppers and pepper extracts. Exit Wound is made out of the same sort of ingredients but is even spicer. Neither of these flavors should be flippantly eaten. Peyton, a person who tried one of these desserts, decided to dub theirs an "ice scream." And if this pun is anything to go by, then this treat's heat can be terrifying.

Sunni Sky's decided that these spicy flavors are waiver-worthy. The Fayetteville Observer even reposted an excerpt from this form. It reads: "By signing the liability waiver, I understand and take 100 percent full responsibility for all risks and consequences as a result of the consumption of this product."

Giant Burger's Giant Burger Challenge is ... giant

It's not often that a restaurant confidently promotes a waiver on its website. That's not to say that this never happens, as Oregon's Giant Burger has actually done this very maneuver. On one of their pages, they have an entire section dedicated to their five-pound burger challenge. The contest's headline is in a bright orange font, and below is the agreement that competitors must sign.

The challenge and the waiver that Giant Burger offer up are both pretty full-on. To be declared victorious, one must eat the giant hamburger, five pounds of fries, and all the condiments that they are served to them in under an hour. After this time has expired, the contestant must keep down all of their food for another ten minutes. If you're able to do all of this, while not leaving your table, then this meal will be free. But if you were to fail, then your meal will be $39.95.

This waiver doesn't just list the competition's rules, it also protects Giant Burger if this challenge somehow hurts a participant. But if their test sounds like your cup of tea, or in this case, your humongous mountain of food, then it could be worth checking out.

Panda Libre's Spicy Chow Mein Challenge is brutal

Panda Libre is a restaurant that fuses Mexican and Asain dishes together to create exceptional cuisine. But that isn't the only thing this place has decided to combine. This eatery's melded a spicy food challenge with a speeding eating challenge, thus they've created a unique ultimatum. This event is called the Spicy Chow Mein Challenge, and it's packed with Thai Chilis, Ghost Peppers, Habaneros, plus Carolina Reapers. To be proclaimed a winner, one must eat their entire bowl in under 30 minutes and then sit with the heat for another five minutes.

However, this challenge's intensity doesn't stop there. The waiver, that you must sign before undertaking this trial, highlights that you cannot drink a beverage or go to the bathroom whilst eating the Chow Mein. If you're somehow lucky or powerful enough not to tap out of Panda Libre's test, then you'll win $50.00 and be honored on their wall of fame.

You can catch and eat Zauo's very own fish

Most of the time when you're fishing, you're not guaranteed a catch. You can sit at a peer all day, have your rod in the water, and still come up empty-handed. According to Metro, Zauo is a restaurant that attempts to change this equation. That's right, this place has multiple tanks that are swarming with rainbow trout, lobster, and other sea creatures, all of which can be caught by the eatery's patrons.

If a customer can snag their dinner with a small fishing rod, Zauo's workers will cheer them on, plus hit a taiko drum. This person will then be asked how they'd like their fish to be prepared, before it's taken back to the kitchen and plated. Also, if you're rubbish at fishing, a staff member can catch a sea creature for you.

Now, you may be wondering why such a restaurant would require its patrons to sign a waiver. After all, a plate of fish doesn't sound as dangerous as an enormous meal or an absurdly spicy dish. Well, The New Yorker stated that you need a waiver to catch the fish, not to eat there. That way Zauo isn't responsible if you got hurt, or inconveniently wet, while you're using a fishing rod. Metro said that their meal was "delicious," but The New Yorker called their rainbow trout "bony mush." You may have to go to Zauo yourself to see if their waiver is worth it.