Joel Burrows

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Sydney, Australia
University Of Wollongong
Ultimate Supermarket Food Rankings, The History Of Food, Fast Food Secrets
  • Joel Burrows has been ranking supermarket food since 2019, when a VICE article of his about garlic breads went viral. Since then, he has ranked Skittles, cheap cheeses, and pineapple pizzas. Joel is eager to eat more munchies and meals in the name of journalism.
  • Whether he's deep-diving into the origins of bread or exploring the shady underbelly of McDonald's, Joel finds discussing the history of different sorts of foods really absorbing. Whenever he's researching an article for Mashed or TastingTable, he'll sift through old newspaper articles, scientific journals, and Wayback Machine sites in order to find fascinating and maybe forgotten facts.
  • Do you want to know how to get your fast food order for less cash? Do you want to know how to make your fast food order even more delicious? If so, then Joel has got you covered. For Mashed, he has written extensively about all the hacks and tricks for making one's fast food a 12/10 time.


Joel Burrows is an Aussie-based food writer. His work has been featured on The Guardian, VICE, and The Latch. He has also discussed his food expertise on ABC Radio National.


Joel Burrows graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2014 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing. This degree taught him how to make any piece of writing engaging, thought-provoking, and a vibe.
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