Alicia Keys' Gummy Bear Tea Recipe Has Everyone Talking

Alicia Keys is an incredible singer-songwriter, performer, and overall good human being. It's hard not to be inspired by all the positivity she exudes. Keys has won Grammys, used her platform to preach kindness, and has won the loyalty of her fans with hits like "Girl on Fire" and "Empire State of Mind" in the process (via Biography). But even her golden voice can fall victim to the occasional scratchy throat but it's her magic elixir to cure it that has us all talking. 

Per Entertainment Tonight, the superstar shared the secret weapon that she uses to combat that pesky scratch that can make her set of singing pipes feel a little rough. The "Underdog" singer has been using this go-to remedy for years, and it is so simple and so smart, you might want to try it the next time your own throat is feeling a little raw. According to Music News, Keys uses gummy bears to make her special throat soothing tea. In 2013, the singer told Extra, "You melt a handful of gummy bears in hot water and something about the glycerin that really clears your voice." She further explained, "And it was amazing, my vocal coach told me it's like an ancient secret... now I can eat gummy bears anytime I want!" But why does it work?

The gummy bear remedy

Turns out Alicia Keys and her vocal coach know something we might not. Per a research article published in the journal Pharmacy, glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a prevalent ingredient in cough syrups. It is believed to be an effective medicine to use to treat the common cough because of its ability to lubricate and relieve irritation of the mucous membrane while keeping your mouth and throat moist. 

But Keys is not the only one who knows about this home remedy. Do a quick internet search and you will find several homemade cough syrup recipes that call for glycerin as an ingredient. Kitchen Frau is quick to tout the benefits of homemade cough syrups and notes glycerin is a key component. They also share that you can generally purchase this ingredient at a pharmacy or health food store, but with the caveat that it must be food grade, pharmaceutical grade, or vegetable glycerin. They clearly don't know about the magic of the chewy, rubbery, gummy bear. Keys said in a video posted on ET's Instagram account that she has been at shows where she didn't think she could sing another note, but she says, "I make the gummy bear tea and I am ready to rock."