Here's The Proper Way To Debone Chicken Thighs

When it comes to chicken — and Halloween, come to think of it — don't be scared of a few bones. You're really missing out if your go-to in the poultry section is a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Boring! And if you already appreciate the humble chicken thigh's superior taste, flavor, and texture (via Health), you can save a few bucks by de-boning it yourself.

What's more, grocery stores usually only offer more expensive boneless chicken thighs that are also skinless (via Epicurious), so if you DIY it, you get the added benefit of that crispy, crackly skin. With a few extra minutes and a sharp knife, you never need to fear a bony thigh again. All you need before you start is a very sharp, smaller knife. For those with a dedicated boning knife (look at you, fancy!), use that. Either way, you'll need a small point and a light knife for more precision.

Use a sharp knife to debone chicken thighs

Chicken thighs can often come bunched up in a pack, in what are almost rolls. Unfurl your chicken thigh onto a cutting board, skin-side down. The bone should be facing you, going up and down. Working vertically, cut from top to bottom on either side of the bone, freeing it from the thigh but not cutting all the way through to the board — only go as far as the bone does. Do try to get as close to the bone as possible, and cut around the side of the knuckle (via The Spruce Eats).

Turn the thigh so the bone runs horizontally. Now, using the sharp edge of the knife-end, scrape the bone lightly to remove any lingering flesh and to better reveal its shape. Try to scrape all the way around and not just on top. Next, slide the tip of your knife underneath the bone. Turn the knife slightly so the sharp side is scraping the bone, and loosen it from the flesh gently. You'll have to make slightly harder cuts to free the bigger knuckle from the thigh. 

You should be able to pull the bone free now. Feel around where the bone was to check for any stray cartilage or bone and cut it away. Now you're ready to try out some thigh-ly delicious recipes. You're welcome.