Mountain Dew-Infused Pickles Are Turning Heads

If you're a health eater you may want to look away for this one. This recipe has so many ingredients that appear on "don't-eat-that" lists that it's rather cringe-worthy for many: artificial food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, and added sugar, and Mountain Dew! (via YouTube). The pickle is probably healthy and it is low carb though, right? Mountain Dew pickles are the new novelty snack and as adventurous food explorers, we have to check out new innovations at least once. This mashup is brought to you by FunFoods chef James Lamprey. In 2010, he launched the FunFoods YouTube channel to share unique and entertaining takes on dessert with a wider audience and now has over 160,000 subscribers (via YouTube).

Whether pickles can count as a dessert is a debate we'll let you decide for yourself, but FunFoods frequently features ingredients you can easily access in your home, like colored Mountain Dew, SourPatch Kid candies, Nutella, and it all gets an extra pop with some added food coloring. One viewer says, "Intresting. I'll have to try this I love Pickles!I've had Kool-aid pickles before. [sic]" and Chef Lamprey replies, "Then you will love these." This exchange leads us to believe the flavor is similar to the slightly more common Kool-Aid pickle recipe, combining sweet, salt, sour, and crunch into a single bite. 

So how do you make these multidimensional snacks?

A Mountain Dew color blast

Lamprey creates 3 varieties in this video, theming off different flavors and colors of Mountain Dew, but you could easily make just one at home. Take a full jar of pickle spears and pour out the liquid. Set the jar aside. Next, pour 2 cups of Mountain Dew in a measuring cup, add 1 cup of pickle juice that was previously removed, and add half a cup of sugar. Mix it up and add additional food coloring if the color doesn't pop. Pour it all back into the pickle juice jar. Seal it up, shake and refrigerate to let it all soak in. Enjoy cool from the refrigerator.

The result will be a unique flavor in and of itself as one taster describes: "That was cool bummer didn't taste more like the drink was my fav drink growing up." Another adds "I never knew mountain dew and pickles went so good together!" Mountain Dew pickles are definitely original, and no matter how you feel about the taste, they look like a fun and colorful project to brighten up long winter days at home.