TikTok Just Reinvented Scrambled Eggs

After a while, scrambled eggs can become pretty mundane, even if they're made to perfection. While there are plenty of other ways you can enjoy your eggs — whether you like them over easy or sunny-side up — Delish states that there is a new egg hack going viral on TikTok that's definitely worth giving a try. It's still scrambled eggs, but it will certainly up the presentation of your breakfast, without a doubt.

In the past, TikTok user @SunnyCuisine has shared a few fad ways to cook eggs, like the egg envelope that swept the social media platform and the very popular cloud eggs. Now the same user is back with this newest egg cooking technique that is making the rounds, dubbed the egg tornado. Though this method for cooking eggs is not exactly new, it's currently spreading across social media with vigor. The trend originally began in Korea earlier this year, and now it's easier than ever to learn how to do thanks to @SunnyCuisine's short TikTok video (via The Kitchn).

How to make scrambled eggs the TikTok way

Making egg tornadoes is actually pretty simple and calls for minimal equipment. As you can see in @SunnyCuisine's TikTok video, all you really need are two chopsticks and a frying pan. Crack and beat the eggs just like you would to make regular scrambled eggs and then pour them into a frying pan that is on a stovetop over medium-high heat. After a few moments of letting the eggs initially set and begin to cook, place the narrow ends of your chopsticks into the eggs, allowing some space between them.

Next, carefully use the chopsticks to twist the cooked eggs as the runny parts spread to the edges and continue to cook. Keep twisting the eggs slowly, so that they wrap around themselves until all of the eggs are completely cooked. Then, all you have to do then is serve them up! As you wiggle the chopsticks free, the center of the eggs should come loose creating the appearance of a tornado's cone. We can't wait to give this TikTok tornado egg hack a try and really rejuvenate breakfast.