Aldi's Spooky Halloween Cheese Selection Is Turning Heads

'Tis almost the season for spooks and frights, not to mention tricks and treats. Unfortunately for some, the allure of a pumpkin full of fun sized candy bars leading to a sugar rush hangover aren't as appealing as they used to be, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still get to indulge in something slightly scary. For those who prefer to spend the Halloween holiday snacking on some special cheeses, Aldi has you covered with their Emporium Selection Halloween Cheese Assortment (via Red Tricycle). This collection of cheeses features not only some very cute Halloween-themed packaging, but also features flavors and even colors that keep it so on-theme they might even tempt your kids to trade you a couple of their Snickers Darks for a slice or two.

The first flavor, No Rest for the Wicked, is a Wensleydale cheese flavored with strawberry and Prosecco. While this might not sound all that spooky, the shape of the white cheese and it's packaging are designed to look like a Day of the Dead sugar skull, which makes its sweeter flavors work for the season. And that's just the first of four frightening fromages waiting for you at Aldi.

All about Aldi's eerie Halloween cheeses

The next flavor in the Aldi Emporium Selection Halloween Cheese Assortment is the Freaky Franken Sage Derby, a milk derby cheese with dried sage that is just as green as Frankenstein's legendary monster. The cheese itself is rectangular, and the packaging turns it into the monster's head with the addition of a jet black mop of hair, one googly-looking eye, some neck bolts, and a scar for good measure. 

Now, while the first two look very on-theme in their packaging, they'll look a little less so unwrapped, but luckily that's where the next two cheeses pick up the slack. Aldi's Bat Knit Crazy Cheddar and Scary Pumpkin Spice Wensleydale will definitely make a statement on your Halloween cheese board. Delish states that the cheddar is as black as it's cozy cartoon bat, while it appears the Wensleydale is orange and shaped like a pumpkin. The cheddar seems to just be a plain aged cheese and the Wensleydale is flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg to remind you of a savory version of your favorite autumn latte. Each of these four spooky cheeses will only cost you $3.99, so why not try them all (via Aldi)?