Why You Should Absolutely Never Touch The Prime Rib At A Buffet

Who doesn't like a good, hearty meal at a buffet? These establishments allow their patrons to eat to their heart's content and sample a variety of dishes in one sitting. Whether you're a dessert person or someone who prefers savory meat dishes, it's likely that you'll find something to your liking at a buffet restaurant.

On the flip side, as an Insider piece explains, buffets can also mean plenty of unhealthy bacteria because of less-than-ideal storage conditions. The food on offer may not be at its best when you get to it, and it makes a big difference. The low quality of a dish can be disastrous for your health, making you ill with few or no  warning signs. It doesn't mean you should skip buffet dining entirely, but it's important to be smart and careful as you consider the seemingly endless options on display. The key is to do some research and go prepared. Better be safe than sorry, right?

The prime rib is bad for your health

As Insider explains, it's important to stay away raw food items, such as seafood and salad, because they're not as safe as the rest. They haven't had a chance to be properly heated and cooked, a process that could potentially help kill bacteria and save you from digestive unpleasantness. Additionally, some buffet dishes are simply bad for you, containing far more calories than you should be eating in one sitting. Fried food items at buffets, for example, are full of unhealthy, hydrogenated oils that you need to be careful about (via The Healthy).

Prime rib, unfortunately, is not a great option either at buffet restaurants. First, it's simply hazardous for your waistline. According to Eat This Much, prime rib is loaded with large quantities of fat. This is simply not good for you, especially when it's all-you-can-eat. You'd be wiser to opt for something like a flank steak to at least reap some of the health benefits. You definitely don't need to skip meat entirely, but when you're at a buffet, go for options that are relatively better for your health. Save the prime rib for a separate made-to-order occasion.