How American Burger King Burgers Differ From Brazil's

If you've never traveled or been to a fast-food chain in another country, then you might wonder what all of the fuss is about. But fast-food chains really don't sell the same menu in every country in the world. It has to make changes to cater to the local population. For example, in Vietnam, McDonald's offers a Pho Burger. In India, the Big Mac equivalent is made with chicken patties and topped differently, and the country had the first-ever McDonald's that didn't serve beef (via Quartz).

In Brazil, fast food chains like Burger King most certainly include beef on the menu — and a lot of it at that. According to Beef2Live, the country of Brazil consumed the 5th most beef in the world per capita, totaling over 16.5 billion pounds of beef. In fact, the country has consumed over seven million metric tons of beef every year since 2007 (via Beef2Live). Though the cuisine can vary from region to region of the country, grilled and barbecued meats are one of the most famous dishes in Brazil (via Brazil Visas). So Burger King presents its hamburgers and Whoppers in ways that make a lot of sense for the country.

Expect quite a stack of patties

The menu includes tons of Stacker options, and they are indeed stacked high. There are actually six different kinds of Stackers on the Brazilian Burger King menu, many of which come with an option for up to four beef hamburger patties (via Burger King Brazil). A basic Mega Stacker has two to four fire-grilled beef patties, cheese, bacon, and Stacker sauce. A Mega Stacker Catupiry is the same thing, but with Catupiry cheese between the patties. Catupiry is a brand of soft Brazilian cheese that's mild and creamy, according to Cheese. Next up is the Mega Stacker Cheddar. It's similar to the original Stacker and has two to four fire-grilled beef patties, bacon, and lots of cheddar cheese, including between the patties.

Fourth is the Mega Stacker Rodeio, which is the original Stacker with barbecue sauce and six onion rings added on top. Then there's the Mega Stacker Atomico that's the original Stacker but with cheese and bacon between every patty layer. Lastly is the Stacker Triplo, which is similar to the Atomico, but there's only cheese between every patty. In addition to the Stackers, there are other options like "long" hamburgers and more familiar-sounding picks like Whoppers.

None of Brazil's Burger King options are short on meat. So, if you find yourself there, try a Brazilian creation. Otherwise, hope that Burger King holds an international food event in the U.S. like McDonald's one day.