The One Question They'll Never Ask You At Five Guys

When you walk into a Five Guys Burgers and Fries, you're greeted with a bunch of options — do you want a burger, hot dog, or sandwich? What kind of burger do you want? What toppings? No fries, regular fries, or Cajun style? Are you going to get a shake or a soda? In fact, according to Five Guys' Twitter, there are a whopping 250,000 possible ways to order a burger based on the options they offer. There's one question, however, that you're never going to get asked at any location of this fast-casual restaurant: "How do you want your burger cooked?" 

According to Taste of Home, all 1,500 Five Guys locations have this in common — they'll only serve you your burger well done. You can personalize your order however else you want, but you're never going to get a pink patty. So if you like your burger medium/medium-rare, or if you like it so rare that the burger is practically mooing, you're going to want to go elsewhere.

The company won't say why

Five Guys hasn't offered any explanation for this policy, advertised publicly at some locations with a sign over the counter: "We Cook All Our Meat WELL-DONE." According to Gothamist, when asked about this policy, the cashier only said, "Don't worry, it's still juicy." Some theorize that the policy is a great way to totally avoid the food safety risks associated with undercooked meat. Another theory posits that it's a way to standardize taste across locations. 

The good news is, though you may not be able to choose how your burger's done, you've got more freedom when it comes to how they cook your fries. Though it's not printed on the menu, you can actually ask for your fries "well done," which means that they'll fry them for longer, giving you more crunch for your buck (via Delish). It's a good idea since if there's one thing Five Guys does well, it's well-done.