The Only U.S. State Capital Without A McDonald's Might Surprise You

There are few things in the modern world that are more American than McDonald's. Those Golden Arches are a symbol. When you are on a road trip, they are a harbinger of much-needed caffeine or food. When rolling through town to drop off the kids to their sports practices, those arches may bring a sigh of relief to a tired mom who doesn't have time to make dinner and get it on the table but can quickly order up some fries, burgers, and Happy Meals to bring home for the family. That kind of peace of mind is pure gold.

The company has spent lots of time and money building a brand that is both recognizable and trusted by consumers (via The Motley Fool). According to Statista, as of 2019, the quick-service chain pulled in $21 billion in revenue globally. They are a titan in the fast-food industry. Their sheer number of locations speaks volumes. In fact, in the United States alone, there were 13,837 McDonald's restaurants in 2019. They are everywhere, well, except in this one U.S. capital. Which one is it?

Montpelier, Vermont does not have a McDonald's

If you guessed Montpelier, Vermont then winner, winner chicken dinner – just not at the McDonald's in Montpelier, Vermont because there is not one (via Eat this! Not that!). But McDonald's is not the odd man out. There is not a Chick-fil-A or host of other fast-food restaurants in this little town. Why? That's a question that many may find themselves asking, but the answer is not as foreboding as you might think. Montpelier has a really small population with just 7,356 people living in its boundaries (via World Populations Review), and the locals tend to prefer local businesses over large chains (via Business Insider). Montpelier was also slow to get a Walmart, which did not make its debut in the capital until 1996, and the city doesn't have an airport either (via AOL).

It seems Montpelier left the fast-food dining options to Barre, Vermont. In fact, they have a McDonald's, Burger King, and a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Barre. And, it's not that far away. According to Distance Between Citiesthere are only 7 miles separating the two citiesSo, the next time you are driving through Montpelier and have a hankering for the Golden Arches, just remember to keep driving to Barre.