You Should Never Buy Coffee At Dollar Tree. Here's Why

Dollar Tree is a popular discount store where you can get some pretty awesome deals on everyday items. From candles to bread to party supplies and batteries, Dollar Tree has got you covered (via Hip 2 Save). And it doesn't matter what your net worth might be, as Super Market News points out, everyone loves a deal, whether you shop at the Dollar Tree on ultra rich Rodeo Drive or a more down to earth version of the store in a small Midwest town. According to Reuters, Dollar Tree has approximately 14,000 stores in the United States and Canada, and operating for over 60 years, the Dollar Tree keeps loyal customers coming back by selling products they need for just $1 (via Dollar Tree). Who could say no to something that costs $1, right? While there are many food items among their large inventory that you should definitely consider purchasing, there is one item that you should never buy at the Dollar Tree store: Coffee. Dollar Tree sells instant coffee, regular and decaf, but the internet has spoken and while it may offend some coffee drinkers' sensibility, there's definitely a contingency that is not a fan of the Dollar Tree coffee.

Dollar Tree Store coffee leaves something to be desired

Americans like their coffee. Coffee loves in the United States drink over 400 million cups a day to the tune of $4 billion a year (via e-importz). According to a Youtuber at Sensational Finds, Dollar Tree Store instant coffee is not a good deal per an ounce and the "the quality is not good." The Youtuber is not alone in her feelings about the coffee. One reviewer on Yellow Pages wrote,"I went to dollar tree an seen instant coffee an said wow coffee for a buck .. got home an tasted it an doesn't even taste anything like coffee its blah... it looks like coffee smelled like coffee but did not taste like coffee." And while the complaints don't end there, one Reddit user offered when posting about the coffee, "This Dollar Store stuff is truly not good, I'm not going to pretend it is. But if you had an extremely limited budget and wanted coffee that didn't totally offend your senses, I'd recommend it." Fair point. Sometimes we do have to make sacrifices for our monthly budget and pocket book, but this is probably not the place to do it.