New Fast Food Menu Items That Totally Grossed Out The Internet

Humans are the greatest inventors to walk, drive, and scooter across this pale blue dot called Earth. We've created everything from the telephone to jeggings. If you were to write a list of everything that people have made throughout history, you'd potentially become indescribably bored.

However, sometimes an item is released into the world that's almost unanimously perceived to be gross. These things can appear rancid to certain users on the internet, so rancid that they will roast their very essence. And the fast food industry has created many a feed that fits this description. That's right, we're talking about those novelty meals that get obliterated on Twitter. This article is a banquet's worth of takeaway concoctions that are universally loathed.

Well, before we leap into this cuisine, it's important to note that you are allowed to enjoy these fast food items. The internet isn't a monolith; there's potentially plenty of people that share your fast food opinions. But when Hershey-covered Whoppers and pickle slushies are on the table, it's probably fine to rib ultra-wealthy corporations. 

A Hershey's covered Whopper existed

According to Burger King, a Whopper consists of a flame-grilled patty, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and mayo on a sesame seed bun. In September 2020, Kotaku reported that this chain created a brand new version of their classic burger, called the Hershey's Chocolate Whopper, for Tainan City in Taiwan. This burger consisted of similar ingredients, albeit potentially without the lettuce, pickles, or mayo. That being said, they did add two additional sauces to this product. One being peanut, whilst the other being a Hershey's chocolate topping. This meal was sold at BK just for one day only.

When a Twitter user, Prismriver Lyrica, put up a picture of this burger, a bunch of accounts were less than pleased with the results. One wrote, "Yeah that's just disgusting." Kimberly Dole stated, "Looks like somebody threw up on your burger... No thanks!" An additional tweet from Arthur Gabriel expressed, "The onions just make it worse."

KFC's Double Down Dog is almost beyond words

If you were to visualize a few sandwiches, you'd potentially imagine some food encased in two pieces of bread. And while this conceptualization wouldn't be wrong, you don't need those crusted slices to create such a meal. For instance, Daily Titian remarked that KFC created a breadless sandwich in 2010. It was called the Double Down, and it starred a couple of pieces of fried chicken. Between these Original Recipes were a slice of bacon, gooey cheeses, and a secret sauce. 

While this sandwich was a bold departure from the breadish conventions that we usually live under, it's not the meal that we'll be discussing. Instead, it's time to turn our attention to the Double Down Dog. Eater described this spinoff, back in 2015, as a hotdog that didn't have a traditional hotdog bun. The classic bar of bread was replaced with a molded piece of fried chicken. It was also only sold in the Philippines.

FOODBEAST uploaded a photo of this creation to Instagram, and a lot of users weren't too pleased with the end results. "Just no," exclaimed one account. CJ Thurman said, "They're going entirely too far." Many commenters posted sad or sick-faced emojis next to the snap. And as the botched cliché goes, an emoji is worth a thousand words.

Sonic's Pickle Juice Slushes were a polarizing snack

Have you ever held a jar of pickle juice and thought, "Should this liquid be a slushie flavor?" If so, US Weekly noted that Sonic made a 2018 drink that you might've adored. If not, this joint may have created something that you'd find absolutely disgusting. At the time of its release, the Pickle Juice Slush wasn't unanimously praised or admonished. "Just tried the pickle juice slush from Sonic," tweeted one reviewer. "And the entire establishment deserves to end because of that tragedy." Yet, another taste-tester wrote, "This pickle juice slush from Sonic is probably the oddest most amazing slush ever." 

Business Insider noticed that this slushie was a contentious item online, so they filmed a video where a few of their employees taste test it. And in this clip, all three reviewers disagree. A producer named Irene Kim actually gags on Sonic's drink and says, "I don't know why anyone would invent something like this." The second reviewer, Alex O'Toole, is also dissatisfied with this beverage. However, she doesn't relish it because the flavor doesn't have enough pickle for her. Business Insider's final critic is Kevin Priolo, and he loves its salty bitterness. Priolo remarks, "This is easily five out of five pickles."

Tim Hortons made a buffalo sauce inspired latte

If you were to walk into your local Starbucks and ask for a buffalo sauce flavored coffee, you'd probably get a strange look. That being said, there was a restaurant that temporally served such a beverage. Back in 2017, Tim Hortons announced that they were selling a Buffalo Latte in Buffalo, New York, for a limited amount of time. This concoction was made out of espresso, milk, mocha, whipped cream, Buffalo flavoring, and Buffalo seasoning.

A fair few accounts in the Twittersphere weren't dazzled by this combination of ingredients. "All these posts about the @TimHortonsUS Buffalo latte are making my mouth water ... in the way your mouth waters right before you vomit," quipped Samantha Gill. Katie Schaffstall agreed: "An accurate reenactment of my reaction to Tim Hortons new Buffalo Latte." Under this text was a GIF of Steve Carell wincing. In it, he looks disgusted, his mouth cringes into a remarkably tiny, puckering frown.

Pizza Hut's Cheez-It Stuffed Pizzas weren't pizzas

Cambridge Dictionary defines a pizza as "a large circle of flat bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat and vegetables spread on top." However, Business Insider reported that Pizza Hut once tried to push the boundaries of what this word could mean. In 2019, they teamed up with Cheez-It to release a meal called the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza. This dish consisted of four small, square pastry pockets that were cheese or pepperoni flavored. They also came with a side of marinara sauce.

While language is malleable, and the definition of words can change over time, Business Insider wasn't having it. They put the noun "pizza" in ironic quotation marks, as if to say that this feed doesn't fit this classification. They additionally noted, "The filling also lacked appeal and reminded us of neither Cheez-Its nor pizza. It was chunky, salty, and mostly flavorless. It didn't have that signature cheesy Cheez-It taste that we craved so desperately."

Business Insider additionally characterized this product as being pretty gross. They called the sauce "sickly sweet" and the main attraction "greasy." A pile of Twitter users seemed to agree that Pizza Hut's invention hadn't panned out particularly well. John Bresnahan expressed, "Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza looks totally digusting. Who is responsible for that? We need an investigation on that one." Another tweeter wrote, "Congrats to Pizza Hut's Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza for taking the title of 'most upsetting' in my brain for a full minute tonight."

The Most American Thickburger was certainly thick

"What's more American than a cheeseburger?" asks a disembodied narrator in a 2015 Carl's Jr. commercial. "This cheeseburger, loaded with a hotdog and potato chips. In the hands of all-American model Samantha Hoopes. In a hot tub. In a pick-up truck, driven by an American bull rider. On an aircraft carrier. Under the gaze of Lady Liberty." This ad renders every frame of the aforementioned scenario, and its burger, in lavish detail.

When the internet found out about this hotdog cheeseburger, a load of people found the mere idea of it disgusting. "That just looks gross," one account said. "This is truthfully the most heinous thing ever," Rachel Karman stated. Even one person who bought this meal wasn't very impressed with the final product. "Just had @CarlsJr's Most American Thickburger," Cory Frye reported. "It tasted like the rusted hulk of an Airstream slathered in paranoia, just as advertised."

Starbucks Zombie Frappuccinos had naysayers

In April of 2017, Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino was a viral success. Their initial product tweet got over 18,000 likes. According to The Guardian, more than 100,000 Instagram pictures used #UnicornFrappuccino before the month was over. Even a Starbucks barista filmed a video where they yelled, "Please don't get it! I have never made so many Frappuccinos in my entire life." Yup, this sweetened pink and blue drink was certainly popular.

A few months later, Starbucks announced another novelty drink called the Zombie Frappuccino. However, this item wasn't as popular as its predecessor. Even in 2020, #ZombieFrappuccino only has around 35,000 tags on Instagram. It was also blasted across the internet for being rank. Nina Harrelson, a PR Specialist, tweeted a picture of her coffee along with the caption, "This is just as gross as it looks." Business Insider additionally reviewed this product and stated, "When the beverage hits your tongue, you're immediately plunged into a sickly sweet saccharine swamp. One taste tester even gagged."

Mountain Dew Buffalo Wings were a mistake

Buffalo Wild Wings have, at times, certainly lived up to their name. For instance, HuffPost reported that they created Mountain Dew flavored wings in 2015. And is there anything wilder that? One of HuffPost's editors even tried out this Zesty Citrus Sauce and didn't fawn over what they had eaten. "You can literally taste the Mountain Dew aftertaste in the sauce. It kinda burns your throat in that artificial soda way. The sauce starts out sweet and then gets a little spicy, finishing with a weird artificial lime-y flavor."

If you were to assume that HuffPost was the only place to critique this meal, then you'd be incorrect. "Mountain Dew wings from bdubs are disgusting," one tweet claimed. Plus George Lynch said, "I tried the Mountain Dew wings at Buffalo Wild Wings ... They were terrible." So perhaps, for the time being, we shouldn't cover every food with some soda.

McChoco Potatoes were divisive chocolate fries

Burger King hasn't been the only fast food place to put chocolate on top of a savory item. McDonald's Japan decided to sell sweetened French fries to its customers during 2016. This snack was called the McChoco Potato, and it was drizzled with two types of confectionery. One of its dressings was cacao flavored, and the other was white milk chocolate. 

McDonald's advertised this product on Twitter, and the site's reaction was mixed. Ryan Bosse asked, "This the left over chocolate from the sundaes at the end of the shift?" Furthermore, another user joked, "Listen guys. I know you're down on your luck. Sales haven't been where you want them. This is not how you get there." However, some accounts were into what they were selling. Antigone Hughes exclaimed, "Bring it to NYC!! Please!!" And an additional respondent exclaimed, "AM SO GETTING A MILK TEA MCFLURRY WITH THIS." Who would've thought that French fries could be so divisive?

Tim Hortons sold Buffalo Crunch Doughnuts

If you thought Buffalo flavored lattes were a bad idea, then you probably wouldn't vibe with this snack. Back in 2014, Grub Street documented that Tim Hortons had created a product called Buffalo Crunch doughnuts. These savory products consisted of deep-fried dough, Buffalo sauce, and tortilla chips. You could also order them with ranch dressing if you're the sort of person that wants their food less spicy. This dish was only available at that year's New York State Fair.

Whether this doughnut was a joke item or not, a slew of tweets had some harsh words to say about Tim's offering. David Cervi declared, "Our city's signature food needs to stop being used for evil." Federal Donuts also clapped back at this, saying, "This is just not right, you guys." Judging by these reactions, who knows what would've happened if this nosh was still being sold.

Burger King's black buns were something else

The year was 2015, and Burger King decided to release a black-bunned Whopper for the Halloween season. Straightforwardly, it was called the Halloween Whopper. And considering the fact that this novelty meal's being featured right here, it's probably not surprising to learn that it was slammed online. "Why are y'all tryna sell your spoiled buns as a Halloween special?" one tweeter joked. Another account simply wrote, "This looks so unappetizing."

This Whooper didn't just look gross to a large swath of the internet, it also could give its eaters a potentially unexpected side effect. As Live Science unpacked, it was able to turn one's excrement bright green. That's correct, they reported that this burger could brighten up your insides, and it probably happened because of the bun's food coloring. The piece went on to say, "Food coloring is not always completely absorbed by the intestines during digestion, and the dye that isn't absorbed can seep into food material that's sitting in the gut, turning it different colors."

Understandably, some people disliked the fact that this was happening. "Don't eat this," Ed Gein suggested. "My son and I had green poop from the dye." An additional tweeter went, "Ooooooohhhh good. Green poop photos on social media. Thanks Burger King."

Burger King also made neon green nightmare buns

Four years after the Halloween Whopper incident, BK created another colored burger for the same event. According to CNBC, this one was called the Nightmare King, and it was filled with beef, chicken, bacon, American cheese, plus mayo. More importantly, these ingredients were encased in a green bun. Also, just like last time, lots of Twitter accounts critiqued the effort. "@BurgerKing's new 'Nightmare Burger' reminds me of the Krabby Patty Spongebob and Mr. Krabs almost killed the Health Inspector with," Alyssa Ratto wrote. Another user said, "My guts is bubblin' and about to haunt me just from looking at this."

Unlike last time, there were no widespread reports that this bun had any green side effects. Nor were there a ton of tweeters claiming it made their number twos any other horrifying color. So at least this burger had that going for it. But then again, what an incredibly low bar to clear.