Gordon Ramsay's Savage Response To This McNugget-Stuffed Grilled Cheese

Okay, so he's moved on to game shows. That doesn't mean that Gordon Ramsay has given up being the Reigning Emperor of Cuisine Clapbacks. In fact, he's working hard to hold onto his title, if his TikTok posts are anything to go by. Perhaps the celebrity chef misses the days when he was able to chew up and spit out the dreams of hopeful cooks on Hell's Kitchen. Or (maybe) Ramsay hasn't realized that the entirety of TikTok isn't posting their food-related inspiration in a desperate attempt to impress him. Recently, the man behind Kitchen Nightmares was scrolling through TikTok when he stumbled upon a "new McDonald's recipe" for a McNugget-stuffed grilled cheese published by @caughtsnackin. 

To say that Gordon Ramsay took the recipe personally would be an understatement. In hindsight, his rage was predictable. Ramsay has a professed weakness for In-N-Out Burger, but we've never heard him rave about McDonald's (via Taste of Home). To last year's curious Quora questioner who asked, "What would Gordon Ramsay say about McDonald's?" we now have a definitive answer. 

Here's how Gordon Ramsay described TikTok's McNugget-stuffed grilled cheese

We tried hard to find a silver lining. We failed. After watching and rewatching Gordon Ramsay's reaction to @caughtsnackin's McNugget-stuffed grilled cheese recipe we can definitively report that there is absolutely nothing about the demonstration that Ramsay approves of.   

"No, seriously!' Ramsay starts his commentary. Spoiler alert — it doesn't get better from there. Watch as @caughtsnackin adds grated cheese to a saucepan, and (on top of it) two slices of brioche. Watch Ramsay tilt his head back in frustration, "Oh, no!" he cries. Gaze in fascination as @caughtsnackin spreads ketchup onto his sandwich with a "chef's spoon." Cringe a little, as Ramsay shakes his head belittlingly. "Chef's spoon, no chance," he quips. Now @caughtsnacki layers on Mickey D's: a healthy dosage of fries, and four McNuggets. 

"McDonald's? McCrap right there!" gasps Ramsay softly. (Did you hear that, Quora?) Ramsay has lost the will it seems, even to yell. But @caughtsnackin is not done yet. To finish off his invention, he tops the fries and chicken nuggets with a sprinkling of grated cheese. "Dude, you've lost the plot," concludes the celebrity chef. To rest his case, Ramsay captions his critique, "Whoever made this is an actual #idiotsandwich."

And there you have it, the dose of scathing food criticism you've been craving, and that only Ramsay knows how to dole out.