This Is The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Cookbook

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Ree Drummond, best known as the Pioneer Woman, has published six of her own cookbooks, ranging from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier, to The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It! But the Food Network host has revealed her favorite cookbooks — and believe it or not, the mom of four does not include her own guides to delicious meals on the list. 

The list was shared on Drummond's blog, and she says her love of cookbooks was developed when she was a child — the first one she recalls being obsessed with was a Nancy Drew cookbook. "There was a recipe for making your own fortune cookies with mysterious messages inside," she said. "My mom and I tried to make them, and we failed miserably—ha!—but it's still such a strong memory for me." In the post, Drummond also admits that creating a cookbook is a very difficult task, which may explain why she has so much admiration for a few treasured cooking tomes.

What cookbooks made the cut as the Pioneer Woman's favorites?

Helen Corbitt's simply entitled, Cookbook, is one of the Pioneer Woman's favorite cooking manuals. About the pick, Drummond says, "Helen was the head of food service at Neiman Marcus in the 1950s and '60s. My mom's generation loved her—and so do I!" Another title on Drummond's list may surprise you given her speciality of preparing American cuisine: The New Portugeuse Table, by David Leite. "Even if you don't know much about Portuguese cooking, you'll drool over every page," the Oklahoma native claims.

Another recommendation on the Pioneer Woman's cookbook list is How to Cook Without a Book, an intriguing title written by Pam Anderson, an eventual friend of Drummond's. Still, she says about this book: "One of my very favorite cookbooks ever, and I had it well before I met Pam and we became good friends." Finally, we love the shoutout to Drummond's fellow Food Network star, Ina Garten. She claims Barefoot Contessa Family Style is her favorite cookbook by Garten, and her most treasured recipe is the Fourth of July Cake.