Whole Foods Breakfasts That Should Be In Your Kitchen Now

Easy breakfast foods can be a total game changer in the morning when you are trying to get yourself — along with the kids and your spouse — out the door and in the car for school and work. But finding foods that are convenient, healthy, and taste good can be a challenge. Whole Foods has built its reputation on stocking its stores with foods that are not only good to eat, but also good for you. The grocery store giant even has a list of banned ingredients you will never find in the products they sell.

These priorities are what makes Whole Foods the perfect market to find the breakfast foods you need to help you get this first meal of the day on the table fast, as well as provide healthy grab and go options that will keep you and your family energized and satiated. Per a survey of 14,000 individuals (conducted by the Kellogg Company) just one-third of adults in America eat breakfast in the mornings, while 54 percent wish they could (via PR Newswire). The good news is, these Whole Foods breakfast food options may help those 54 percent achieve their morning goals.

Don't miss out on these Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastries

Who doesn't love a pop tart to get them through the morning rush? Nature's Path Organic's Wildberry Acai flavored toaster pastries are made with real fruit and contain no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. They also won't tip the scales, a single pastry contains 210 calories and only 5 grams of fat. This pop tart-style convenience food comes in a variety of flavors that include chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and maple brown sugar; plus both frosted and unfrosted options. A reviewer who called these their go-to breakfast wrote, "I've tried most of the flavors. This Wildberry Acai is — by far — my favorite. Just the right amount of sweet vs strong flavor. And, I love the convenience of a toaster pastry, but especially love that these are organic."

Craving waffles? Swapples will satisfy

If you love waffles, you are really going to love Swapples, which are made with yucca root and what the brand calls "clean" ingredients. This yummy take on toaster waffles is located in the frozen food section at Whole Foods and are perfect to toast and eat as they are, use to build an egg white sandwich, or to simply dunk in your morning coffee. Paleo and vegan friendly, Swapples are also gluten-free! These toaster waffles come in cinnamon and blueberry flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as in savory flavors like everything, tomato basil, and garlicky greens. They are the perfect breakfast food to have in the freezer for a busy morning. One reviewer wrote of the everything flavored Swapples, "They are so delicious and a great alternative to the everything bagel. Toasting up the Swapple made for a crispy outside with a fluffy and soft center. I highly recommend adding this product to your weekday breakfast rotation."

If you prefer to drink your breakfast, check out Whole Foods' cold pressed juice

Whole Foods has a great line of cold pressed juices populating the shelves that you can find next to the fruits and vegetable displays. These juices are perfect if you are looking for healthy ways to incorporate more green leafy vegetables into your diet or simply like to drink your meal. Whether you are a fan of their Greens with Envy juice blend or their Belly Rub juice, these are a great way to get the energy you need. The Belly Rub juice contains cabbage, pear, pineapple, parsley, mint, and ginger root, and is quite delicious. However, one reviewer warned, "The juice was tasty, but may be best consumed when you are not likely to be in public or around people that can hear or smell for a while." Noted. If you want something good for your connective tissue and less likely to affect your tummy, try the Golden Remedy, which contains turmeric, pineapple, lemon, and cucumbers.

Dutch-style pancake bites are a quick alternative to traditional pancakes

Pancakes are always a family breakfast favorite, but they can be such a hassle to mix-up and fry on busy weekday mornings. Well, not to fear, because Whole Foods has you covered with their Dutch-style pancake bites. Located in the freezer section, these will surely please the young and old in your household. Made in Belgium, Whole Foods fluffy Dutch-style pancake bites can be microwaved or baked up in the oven. Not to mention, they taste great with or without messy toppings like butter and syrup. Per one verified Amazon reviewer, "So good! If you're craving some pancakes but don't feel like doing some mixing and cooking, these are perfect. They're not only cute and 'cooks' quickly, they're also very fluffy and tasty (just be careful not to overcook them if you have a high-temp. microwave). Will definitely be buying these regularly from now on!" So be sure to grab some of these tiny pancakes — your family will thank you.

Try Mini French Beignets for a sweet start to your day

Some mornings, you just want a doughnut. We're totally with you, and these Mini French Beignets made by Euro Classic are the perfect choice to satisfy your sweet craving. These pseudo-doughnut holes are light and pillowy soft. Dusted with powdered sugar and filled with mixed berry jam or a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread, these beignets pair perfectly with your morning coffee. According to the Amazon product page, you can find these yummy morning treats in the bakery section of Whole Foods with the pre-packaged desserts. One Amazon reviewer shared, "I don't really like donuts but for some reason, I was tempted. They are a two-bite treat and they are very yummy! They are not greasy nor do they have the taste of the fry oil which is a great start. They also have a freshness to them unlike the ones that are loaded with preservatives. Highly recommended."