How Fans Can Tell When Guy Fieri Doesn't Like The Food He's Eating

Renowned chef, author, and TV host, Guy Fieri is no stranger to the world of food. According to his official website, his love for food began early on in life when he was just ten years old. His first stint was selling pretzels from a homemade bicycle cart that he worked on with his dad. After hustling for years, Fieri was able to save enough cash to study in France where he explored his passion further and dipped his hands into the world of international cuisine.

The founder of several restaurants, Fieri also happens to be a well-known TV personality, working on many shows like Next Food Network Star, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy's Grocery Games, and Guy's Big Bite. He's become such a recognizable star that ardent fans have begun to pick up on the chef's nuances. In fact, these fans are so well-acquainted with his on screen persona that they even know how to spot when he dislikes something he's eating.

How Guy Fieri hints that he dislikes a dish

As it turns out, Fieri doesn't actually say it out loud when he's not a fan of something he's eaten. The chef is far more subtle with his ways when he's on television. As explained by CheatSheet, the chef doesn't call out his problems with the dish, rather he starts naming the ingredients — which isn't something he usually does on-screen. As a fan on Reddit explained, it's quite easy to figure out when Fieri isn't impressed. "When Guy doesn't like things, he gives the most generic descriptions possible. My favorites are 'that's pork alright' and 'you definitely cooked that chicken,'" the fan wrote.

And how do you figure out that Fieri absolutely loves something? That one is easy, too. According to another fan on the same Reddit thread, if Fieri eats more than a couple of bites or even finishes a dish, he's definitely impressed with it.

Fieri also avoids sharing dishes that he dislikes

Aside from listing ingredients, Fieri opts for an easier fix when he's exposed to really bad food: he simply doesn't show it on TV. A fan wrote on Reddit that they heard the chef mention on the Sporkful podcast that if the food is terrible, it doesn't make the cut. According to Eater, the chef is also willing to provide feedback, which filmmaker Brian Koppelman found out when asking him about how close fans can definitely tell when Fieri is really impressed with the food he's eating versus when he's simply being polite.

Fieri explained that the chefs who've been following him for a long time will dig further. When the team takes a commercial break, they'll ask Fieri about his thoughts on the dish and quickly catch on that he isn't too impressed. And when they delve further into how they could improve, Fieri goes ahead and offers a simple solution. He said, "If they ask, I'll tell 'em. I'll say, 'Listen, here's the deal. You've got to treat the bun. You can't take a bun out of the package [and] put it down.'"

Basically, Fieri asks the chefs to focus on the details, such as toasting the bun with butter and going all the way, instead of simply focusing on just the main components, like fresh meat and forgetting about something as basic as a well-toasted bun.

Guy Fieri's favorite and least favorite foods may surprise you

In an interview with TodayFieri revealed that his actual diet is not what is visible on television. "While I do love great barbecue and a good burger, even on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, they don't represent the majority of things I try," he said. He added that he enjoys a variety of meals from different parts of the world including vegetarian and even vegan dishes.

Asian food makes Fieri very happy, too, and one thing he absolutely loves is soy sauce. Brussels sprouts also come in as a close second. "I'm not saying that I'm a vegetarian, but people would be surprised at the amount of plant-based foods that I eat," Fieri confessed. He said that he does love burgers, but prefers to enjoy those treats in moderation instead of over-indulging on rich, greasy food. By the way, Fieri's family mostly sticks to nutritious meals, too, leaving room for the occasional cheat meal, of course.

As for one food he absolutely detests eating? That would be eggs. When he was a kid, Fieri got an unexpected glimpse into what grows inside of them, according to Cheatsheet. "When I was about ten years old, I came to a very clear understanding of how chickens grow — when we opened the egg." Yikes. Plus, he once a hard-boiled egg with chalky yolk, which certainly solidified the reasoning behind why he can't enjoy eating eggs.