The Simple Hack That Keeps Your Popcorn From Going Stale

Popcorn is not only a delicious treat, it can also be good for your health. The airy snack contains important nutrients, vitamins and is a good source of fiber, according to Healthline. It can even help you lose weight if you eat it in moderation. This depends on what kind of popcorn you're eating, however, and how you make it. Researchers found movie theater popcorn can set you back a whopping 400-1,200 calories, per WebMD

A great way to keep it low in calories is to make it yourself, so you're in control of what goes on the popcorn. Kernels are sold at many different grocery stores and are super simple to make at home. You just put olive oil in a pot on the stove and add as many kernels as you'd like (via Bon Appetit). Then after they are popped, you can add whatever delightful additions you'd like (we like garlic salt and a little olive oil). But if you pop too many, like many of us do, we have a trick that will keep it lasting for several days.

How to make your fresh popcorn last for days and weeks

To keep your popcorn from going stale, Spoon University recommends putting it in the freezer. Sounds weird, but it works. By using this method, your popcorn will stay good for multiple days — sometimes even weeks. According to the site, popcorn never freezes, therefore it doesn't go bad this way. You just need to put your popped kernels into a sealed bag and toss it in the cold. Then take it out of the freezer whenever you're ready to enjoy your salty snack

So how exactly does the freezer keep popcorn from going stale? According to the site America's Favorite Popcorn, it becomes stale when you leave it out because of the moisture in the air. When you seal it in a bag in the freezer this eliminates the outside air. Another tip for keeping it fresh: Wait until the popcorn has fully cooled off before placing it in the freezer. America's Favorite Popcorn adds that your snack will stay fresh for up to three months in the freezer.