Why You Should Start Using Aldi's Croissant Toast For Grilled Cheese

What's better than a croissant? This buttery hybrid of bread and pastry is delicious all by itself, with a cup of coffee, or with even more butter smeared on. Plus, people are clearly getting bored in quarantine because they figured out a way to make croissant cereal by baking tiny but otherwise authentic croissants and then adding milk (via Yahoo!)

On the other hand, Guardian contributor Tony Naylor advises against adding anything savory to the croissant experience, including ham, bacon, or cheese. But the Reddit community begs to differ. Besides, Naylor probably hadn't gotten his hands on the one thing that's even better than a croissant. That would be Aldi's Croissant Toast. No, silly, it's not pre-toasted in the package. It's pre-sliced. If you've ever tried to slice a croissant, with its oh-so-thin edges, then you realize what a big favor the makers of croissant toast have done for you. Now your croissants are toaster-ready, and they're also ready to enter a world regular old croissants could only dream of.

Reddit user BlitzKat85 has caused a pleasant stir in the Aldi subreddit community with their idea for croissant toast: Don't bother toasting it. Rather, use it for grilled cheese sandwiches. "Just did this two nights ago!" replied Reddit user LeLobsterPoptart. "Smoked gouda, prosciutto, fontina & tomato grilled to perfection! It was divine."

Go ahead: Put butter (even better, mayo) on your croissant grilled cheese

Other comments made The Guardian's "no savory" policy with croissants seem ill-advised. "Made mine with ham, swiss, and a fried egg this morning. Delicious," kab_pharmer replied. Onlysortaconfused had yet another idea: "Yum! I'm thinking tuna melts are in my future with this bread."

Someone on the croissant toast grilled-cheese thread brought up a valid question: Given how buttery croissants are already, do they need to be buttered when making grilled cheese with them? Just as The Guardian said adding butter to croissants is definitely more than OK, the Reddit community smiled with approval over the idea of adding another layer of fat to a croissant grilled cheese. It's just that they recommended spreading mayonnaise on the croissant and adding butter to the pan. "It crisps up nicely and tastes buttery, not like mayo at all. I am not big on mayo but after reading about it for the umpteenth time I decided to give it a try," SinfulPanda commented.

With all the love coming at Aldi's pre-sliced croissants, you might even say croissant toast is the best thing to come around since sliced ... you know the rest.