The Secrets To Making Delicious Pho In An Instant Pot

The Vietnamese noodle soup dish pho, when done right, can be one of the most comforting dishes of all time. This hearty concoction with a delicious broth, noodles, herbs, veggies, and toppings like bean sprouts is a priceless gift to mankind. The only caveat? Getting the broth right can take long hours, as explained by Delish. This is hard to manage, considering the fast-paced times we live in.

But what if we told you that there's hope? You can drastically cut down on the overall cooking time by using an Instant Pot to simmer broth made of beef bones. Of course, the results won't be exactly like what you'd get if you did devote an entire day to simmering the broth but the Instant Pot is well worth it when you're looking for a comforting homemade version of pho. Read on to know the tricks that can help you get that bowl of pho right with your Instant Pot.

You just need a few tricks to get this right

It's important to get the basics right when you're trying to prepare your delicious bowl of pho. As illustrated by Delish, it's a good idea to char your vegetables like onions and ginger for a smoky flavor. Also, it's important to boil the bones for 10 minutes before using them to make your pho in order to get broth that is clear. Want things to get even better? You can remove the fat from the broth after it's been in the fridge for a minimum of four hours. Last but not the least, your beef should be frozen for at least 20 minutes so that can cut thin slices for your pho. Yum. 

Reddit users have jumped onto the Instant Pot pho bandwagon, by the way. Someone put up a Reddit post about homemade pho and wrote that they were taken aback by how good the results were. "The sauté function to 'char' the ginger and onion actually worked. The Instant Pot really did sear/char them," the Redditor helpfully added. A commenter was so impressed by what they saw that they wrote that they were now tempted to make the dish themselves. Let's get cracking, shall we?