The Interesting Flavor Of Ghirardelli's Newest Holiday Chocolate

Ghirardelli is gearing up for the holidays with a new festive flavor of the chocolate company's famous chocolate squares. Like a lot of other food brands, such as Hershey (via Best Products), this holiday season, Ghirardelli is turning to a flavor that has to be one of the most universally pleasing: sugar cookies. While some products like the Elf on the Shelf cereal are adding vanilla candy cane cookies to their existing sugar cookie cereal lineup, most are turning to the classic sugar cookie (via Delish). So if there was any doubt what the flavor of the season will be this year, Ghirardelli might have broken the tie. 

The new Ghirardelli White Chocolate Sugar Cookie Squares are a limited-edition flavor and exclusively sold by Target. Each 4.8-ounce bag is $4.79 and comes with a pretty red bow design, making them a perfect holiday treat or small Christmas gift. But you'll need to stock up on these now, either in stores or online, because the limited-edition flavor won't last forever.

Sugar cookie is apparently the flavor of the season

If you can't wait to get a couple of bags of this new chocolate flavor, then you'll definitely want to get a sneak peek at what's inside. The chocolate squares are made with white chocolate and flavored to give you the mouth-watering taste of sugar cookies. Each individually wrapped white chocolate square is topped off with red and green sprinkles to give them festive flair. It doesn't get much better than that.

It might be hard to resist chowing down on the whole bag, so don't forget to pick up a couple of extras. These gift-worthy bags of luxury chocolate also make the perfect thing to keep on hand to give as gifts at a moment's notice this holiday season. No one likes receiving a holiday card or gift without having something to send or give in return, and these bags are small and cost-effective enough to do the trick. Besides, you might find you love the new sugar cookie flavor fad so much that you'll want to snack on these well into the new year, should the backup gift stock not be used.