Hershey's New Sugar Cookie Kisses Are Perfect For Holiday Baking

It's holiday treat season, and Instagram knows it. If baking is your thing (and if it's not, why are you reading this?) then your Instagram feeds are probably filled with reindeer-shaped sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and sweet Christmas gnomes. But are Hershey's new sugar cookie kisses on your shopping list yet? Instagram handle @junkfoodonthego has tried them and can report that Hershey's sugar cookie kisses are "delicious" and "taste like vanilla frosting." 

Other than being adorably wrapped in silver foil decorated with trees, stars, bells, and ornaments (and, face it, adorability is important when considering holiday impulse buys), here's what you're betting on when you pick up a bag: Hershey's sugar cookie kisses have delicious white cream bodies filled with crunchy bits of red and green cookies. If you're not going to use them for baking, The Impulsive Buy suggests you let the cream melt in your mouth to accentuate the taste of the cookies inside.

Hershey's new kisses are great for baking

But really, Hershey's new sugar cookie kisses are perfect for baking. WRAL reports that the recipe on the back of the bag is "straightforward even for beginner bakers." All you'll need is sugar cookie mix, Hershey's sugar cookie kisses, and some decorator's sugar (preferably red and green). If you prefer simple baking, by all means, stick to Hershey's suggestion.

Otherwise, your imagination is the limit. Something Swanky lists 101 things you can do with Hershey's kisses. We're not ashamed to admit that we've spent more time than the doctor recommends today wondering how Hershey's sugar cookie kisses might taste on top of holiday-themed cheesecake bites, inside candy-stuffed brownies, in the middle of a Hershey's kiss truffle, or as part of a Hershey's stuffed Oreo. At 90 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and 3.5 grams of fat per serving, you can afford to indulge a little this holiday season, don't you think?