KFC's Newest Holiday-Themed Sandwich Has A Surprising Ingredient

If Thanksgiving is around the corner, then the December holidays are just a little ways down the road, and with them come all the festive treats and limited-edition menu items. KFC just announced its latest holiday offering: the Christmas Gravy Burger, which is an Original Recipe Fillet topped with cheese and a special hash brown with a dip for the gravy to pool into (via Delish). Plus, if the regular gravy that it comes with isn't enough for you, the sandwich is also topped with "gravynnaise," which is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of gravy and mayonnaise. 

Bad news for American gravy and chicken lovers: the Christmas Gravy Burger is only available in the UK and Ireland (via LADbible). Americans will just have to bring our own gravy boats to KFC and accept the resultant side-eye. Across the pond, this mouth-watering sandwich will be available from Monday, November 16th until New Year's Day. 

A sandwich for die-hard gravy fans

In their announcement for the new sandwich, KFC said, "We see you. Yeah you. The one who queues eagerly to get a taste of KFC's gravy. The one ordering that extra pot...The gravy addict who stocks up the fridge way ahead of Christmas Day. Every year you go to great lengths to get your KFC gravy fix, so this Christmas we've got a tree-mendous (sorry!) treat for you." The sandwich comes as part of the Gravy Burger Box Meal, which costs £6.99 ($9.26) and comes with the sandwich, the gravy, the Gravynnaise, an Original Recipe Mini Fillet, a side dish, and a drink.

You might think that the sandwich would be universally loved since you can rarely go wrong by adding more gravy, but the reviews are mixed. Some fans are thrilled. "The KFC Christmas burger revealed today looks amazing. Hash brown, gravy boat and gravynnaise!" said one (via Entertainment Daily), but others are more confused than anything else. As another fan put it, "Not sure about that? Looks really messy and why ruin a good thing? Keep them separate." For our part, we say the more gravy the merrier.